Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 10-14-18

The State’s “Child Partnerships,” so Very Kind, Storming The Last Refuge, Sanctity of the Mind

Topics: Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, The Weather Underground, Techniques Used Now by Antifa – Age of Mass News, Mass Propaganda – UNESCO, Create a Common Culture for the Youth – Pavlovian Conditioning of Society – Techniques of Control – Carroll Quigley said of the CFR, RIIA, That They were Often Mistaken for Communism – According to the United Nations, Individuality was the Major Problem in the World – Bertrand Russell belonged to the Macy Group, Frankfurt School, the World Socialist Society and during WWII to MI5 – Using Science to Control Populations and Create a Uniform Society Across the Planet – Eugenics – The Wealthy Elite of All Countries Should have the Right to Rule – The Effects of War in the Middle East on the Rest of the World – All the Chaos was Planned – U.N. Treaties – Grumbling on the Internet, Studied and Placated – Waiting for the Next Crash – Plummeting Currencies, Rising Cost of Living – The Greed Factor goes All the Way to the Bottom – Darwin, Evolution – Plato on the Nobility – Capitalism, Usury, Theft and Knighthoods – A Lot of the Nobility were just Plundering Robber Barons – Serfdom – Charles Galton Darwin – The Darwins Intermarried with the Galtons and the Wedgewoods for Generations – H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw Talked Openly about Need to Control Society, Cull Off the “Wrong Types”; Sterilize them and Let them Die Off – Depression, Poverty, Rigged System Stops People from Moving Up – Social Engineers of the 20th Century – Julian Huxley – You Pay the BBC for the License to get Propagandized – Crown Corporations – Shares of the BBC were Sold to the CIA – Personal Computer -B. Russell said Scientific Indoctrination via Education would Nullify the Influence of Parents on Children – Jacques Ellul on Importance of Initial Indoctrination on Children – Scotland, Advocate Assigned to Children – Scotland has Been Hammered Over the Years – Rationing during WWI and WWII, Malnutrition – GIRFEC, Getting it Right for Every Child – Revolution – Wellbeing – ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences, State-Sponsored Poverty – BIT, Behavioural Insights Team – Nudging Doctors not to Prescribe Antibiotics – Scottish Doctors Prescribe Bird-Watching – Most Folk No Longer Care for their Aging and Dying Relatives – War Against the Family – Sexual Revolution – Freud – Always Looking for the Magic Pill to Make Everyone Happy – The Big Business of Marijuana – Soma Time, Brave New World – Ontario, Canada spends Millions to Tell You How Great the Medical Care is – Softening Concepts with the Use of Marketing and PR Language – No Gold Standard, Elastic Money.