Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 10-21-18

See Child Peter Picked, Groomed, then Off Flying Up Through Power Levels Without Hardly Even Trying, A Secret Weapon of Bankers and the United Nations, Destroying where Tyrants Failed, Using Mass Migrations.”

Topics: Cold, Allergies, Heavy Aerial Spraying – Geoengineering – Symbol of the Pyramid – Gramsci, How to Destroy Everything that was Normal in Western Civilization – Madame Blavatsky, World Helpers, Feminism – Fabian Society Board, How to Destroy the Family Unit – We’re Owned – Those in Charge of Money will Always Be in Charge of Governments – Fraudulent Banking System – Ancient Techniques of Controlling People – Aldous Huxley, Mike Wallace Interview – Clubs, Cartels, International Corporations – European Union, Common Purpose, Pick and Train Future Leaders who are Often Selected Before They’re Teenagers – Globalization – Money is a Great Persuader for Most People – Psychopaths – Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars – Thermal Weaponry for Crowd Control – J. Ellul, Must Indoctrinate Children Very Early – The Diggers – Everything is Funded by the Taxpayer – There’s No Such Thing as Democracy – Pre-WWII Germany, Living Space, Living with Nature – Genetically Modified Food – Foundations – Groups are Told What to Protest Against – Frankenfood – Canada’s Crown Land – United Nations – EU Parliament – Nudge Units; Behavioural Insights Team – Maurice Strong Groomed by Rockefeller – Electric Cars, Agenda 21, No Private Vehicles – Don’t Get Caught Up in the Emotive Topics Given to You – Peter Sutherland was U.N. Special Representative for International Migration, Chairman of Goldman-Sachs, Director General of World Trade Organization, EU Commissioner, Bilderberg, Trilateral – RIIA, CFR – Carroll Quigley said Leaders from All Parties were Picked – Erasmus – GATT – Sutherland Credited with Being Father of Globalization – Sutherland Promoted Establishment of the Global Forum on Migration and Development – Multiculturalism – Global Forum on Migration and Development – You’ll Never Know What’s Really Happening on the Large Scale that Affects Your Life – Aldous Huxley, You are Persuaded to Accept Things that Perhaps You Shouldn’t – BIT, Behavioural Insights Team – E. Bernays on the Manipulation of the Masses.