Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 10-27-19

As Vexed Hexers Conjure Malevolence on The Wicked, See The Elect-Trick and Enchant us With Brain-chips and 5G. Topics: What You Get as News is Horrifying – Leveson Inquiry – 5G, Control – Anti-Globalism Protests – Globalism, A Structure to Benefit the Big, International Corporations – The Game They Play that You’re Free, Go and Vote – Machiavelli, The Prince – Francis Bacon – MI6, Delving into the Economic Business of Foreign Powers – Nations are Private Businesses – Massive Bureaucracy that Manages Your Mind – A Virtual Reality You – We Buy Our Own Chains – Soft Power, Organizations, E. Bernays – Colour Revolutions – Protesting, Using the Lost and Those on the Fringes – The West Funds Protests, Colour Revolutions – Putin had Pussy Riot Arrested Eventually – Protests Planned with Neurologists, Behaviourists, Psychologists – Murder of Polish Officers in Katyn, Killed by Communists; German Film of the Atrocity Doctored by the Soviets to Make it Appear the Nazis Committed the Murders – Post-Traumatic Stress – Abu Ghraib – Experiments on Obedience to Authority; Milgram etc. – The Control Factor is Getting the Public to Believe Politics and Money System is All Real – Building the Incredible Wealth of a Small Number of Families – Taking Over the World’s Resources – Milner Group, Cecil Rhodes – Wealthy Businessmen, Not Self-Made, Put Out to Worship and Follow – All the Old American Patriot Radio, Shortwave Shows that Gave Real Talks about Freedom and Rights are Gone, Taken Over by Authorized Substitutes – Front NGO Groups, Antifa – Shocking Photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill Showing Off Nazi-era Tattoo while Smoking a Bong, Kissing her Female Staffer and Posing Nude on ‘Wife Sharing’ Sites – Contamination, Bezmenov – Katie Hill was Being Promoted in a Show as the New Type of Progressive – Halloween – Thousands of Witches Casting a Binding Spell on Trump – Rockefeller, Lucis (Lucifer) Trust – Julian Assange – Renowned Exorcist Holds Mass To Combat Coven Of Witches Hexing Kavanaugh – Family Planning, Planned Parenthood – Women’s Rights Issues are Climate Change Issues, John Podesta – The Club of Rome, Climate Change, Famine, Plague a Control Device – Extinction Rebellion Climate Change Protesters Strip Off for ‘Nudie Parade’ through Melbourne – Satanic Temple: US Naval Academy should Host Satanic Services – Mum and Lesbian Lover Tear Off 9-year-old Son’s Penis then Behead Him ‘as He Reminded Her of Her Dad’ – Drugged-up Mum Cut 3-year-old Son’s Genitals, Starved Him so Badly He Became Deformed – You’re Looking at a Battlefield where Most of the Fighting is Done and You’re Left with Chaos – Mother Scalded Toddler with Boiling Water to Punish Him for Peeing on the Floor – McCain told Graham to Avoid Trump Drama – We’re in a Time of Perpetual Terrorism, We’ll Never See the Old System Back with Rights and Freedoms – Behind the Organized Insanity is a Very Obvious Whiff of the Diabolical – No More International Postal Money Orders between Canada and the U.S. – Please Visit my Website, and Donate and Order using PayPal, Send Cash, Use Moneygram or Personal Cheques from within Canada and the U.S. – In the Esoteric, They Say You Must Destroy All that Was to Bring in the New – Ordo Ab Chao – The Age of Transition, The Century of Change.
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We’re on Par with China using Techniques Coercive, Total Surveillance on All in The Great Collective.

News is Presented with Sides to Choose From – Given a Left and Right Wing; The Dialectic Technique – People are Militarized into a Cause – Given a Fictitious History as Your Nations Rulers or Leaders Going Across the World Pillaging Resources – The Scottish Pipe Band – Culloden; Highland Clearing, Genocide; Forbidden to Wear Clan Tartans or Speak Gaelic – Given the Version of Events You are Supposed to Accept; 9/11 – Syria Scheduled for Demolishing back in the 1980s by the CIA – The Revolutionary Movement; Your Elected Leaders are Not the Bosses – Reece Commission – Charles Galton Darwin’s book, The Next Million Years; Ruled by Wild Men who haven’t Been Indoctrinated, Who Can Do What They Want, Unhampered by Conventional Norms – Given So-Called Geniuses to Follow – Christian Culture; No One was Higher Than God, The Message was Don’t Go Worshipping People – Cultural War; Media, Internet – In the Digital Age, You’re Watching History Disappear – Now into a Socialist Type of Governmental System; Everything Run by Science on Behalf of a Very Rich Elite – Socialism is Part of a Revolutionary Strategy – Communism – Carroll Quigley – The Banking Collective of the World Bank, IMF, BIS, and Central Banks; Privately-Owned, Not Owned by Government or The People – Bring Down Standard of Living Under Various Guises such as Sustainability – Yuri Bezmenov – NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization – Grabbing Oil and Resources for Private Corporations – Tony Blair – C.G. Darwin, Slavery has Always Existed on Earth in One Form or Another; Aldous Huxley Made Similar Statements about Slavery and a Dominant Minority – Surveillance by Government and Private Corporations; Photographed and Filmed Everywhere, Emails Kept Forever – Orwell’s 1984, O’Brien to Winston, It’s Not Good Enough to Say It, You Must Believe It – Religion Gave Purpose – Facial Recognition Being Introduced Everywhere; Nowhere to Point to as an Example of Freedom – China’s Social Credit System – Long Ago, We had Rights but Now We Get Privileges – Watching the Chipmunks and Their Struggle to Survive Scarred and Rag-Tag, Reminds Me of How Humans have Been Flayed by Perfected Psychological Attacks – Behavioural Insights Teams (BIT) – Free Trade – China was Set Up by Those Who Ruled and Still Rule the West – EU, CFR, RIIA, Cecil Rhodes, Centralized Banking – Canada’s Elections – Obama Weighs in on Canada’s Federal Election, backs Trudeau – Moving the Patriot Radio Shows Away from Politics – Bertrand Russell Talked about Those Bright Children Who Might Be Brought into the Agenda, but Those who won’t Go Along Will Be Eliminated – Agenda 21, Off the Land into the City – No Private Vehicles – Bill Clinton and the Origin of Smart Cities – The First Thing Communists Do is Restrict Movement – Sadiq Khan, New ‘Green’ Energy Company – Austria, New Lab for Smart City Development – Fairmount Line Bus Shelter Living Roof Initiative; Bezmenov Talked about Throwing Money at Silly, Useless Projects – NGOs, Soviet Rule by Councils – Google Offers Tool for Cities to Measure Emissions – Los Angeles has a New urban Forest Officer – UK’s First Purpose-Built Smart City – Nearly 100 City Mayors Announce Support of Global Green New Deal at C40 summit – Car Free Oslo – Car Free Zones in Glasgow – San Francisco to Ban Cars on Part of Market Street – American Summer Camps Using Facial Recognition Technology to Send Updates to Parents – Apple, Amazon, Google and the Race for Your Face – France to Use Nationwide Facial Recognition ID App – The First Public Schools In The US Will Start Using Facial Recognition – Toronto Police have been Using Facial Recognition Technology for More than a Year – Australian Governments Continue Expanding Use of Facial Recognition – Chinese Citizens will Soon Need to Scan their Face Before They can Access Internet Services – Locksley Hall, Alfred, Lord Tennyson – Words, Spelling, a Spell – Managed with Left/Right Politics or You’d Have to Have Revolutions. Also: (Watt) – Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 10-13-19

The Future is Planned, Not Chanced to a Toss, We Human Herds Managed by The Wizards of O.S.S.

Topics: The Incredible Massive Movements, Organizations, Governments, Bureaucracy, Money and Manpower, Think Tanks, Running the Planet; It is Staggering – Our Leaders are Selected, Vetted; Carroll Quigley – Pre-planned System of the Destruction of Nations – The International Brotherhood of Freemasonry; Graded as You Move Up the Ranks – CIA and Other Intelligence Agencies Recruit from Colleges and High Schools – Intergenerational Bureaucrats – Freemasonry was Meant to Be a Revolutionary Force – Royal Institute for International Affairs, The Milner Group, The Kindergarten; Collection of Wealth by Taking Over the Planet’s Resources; Council on Foreign Relations; European Branch for the Politicians in Europe; Branch for Pacific Rim Countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. – Quigley was Given Access to the CFR Archives – People don’t Relate to Bureaucrats; Want Strong Leaders – Huge Teams Behind Leaders such as Marx, Lenin, Stalin – Mao, Chairman Mao, the Chinese Communist Leader; Movie with Gregory Peck, The Chairman – Collectivism – Lenin, Communism is Only Socialism in a Hurry – Cecil Rhodes, The Commonwealth – East India Company, Hudson Bay Company – Private Companies with Their Own Military – OSS Blossomed into the CIA for the U.S.; MI6 in Britain – The CIA Would Often Go to the Rockefellers for Money – The Great Philanthropists, a Massive Front for a Private Club – David Rockefeller, Competition is a Sin – Carnegie – Gulf War I, Halliburton Flying in Pallets of Freshly Printed Cash, American Money – You’re Run by Interlinking Systems, the True Pyramid Scheme – Reece Commission, Norman Dodd; With Grant-Making Powers can Merge the Soviet System with That of the West – Social Credit Systems, Self-Policing; You’re Not Free, Just Free to Go Along with It – The Vietnam War Run by the CIA, brought in Massive Amounts of Drugs to Fund Operations; Stuffing the Bodies of Dead Soldiers with Heroin – Eugenics – H.G. Wells, Free Love; book, A Modern Utopia; Marketer Drumming Up Terms to Defame the Enemy, The Hun – Secretive Organizations with Layers, Levels, Degrees; The Capstone at the Top, the Perfected Ones – B. Russell, Diet, Injections and Injunctions Used to Sterilize or Even Kill the Wrong Classes of People – The Hard Road to World Order, CFR; Mutual Interdependence; The So-called Oil Crisis of the 1970s; International Monetary Fund; BRIC Nations; Institutions of Limited Jurisdiction; An End-Run Around National Sovereignty – Bertrand Russell Quoting Fichte on the Importance of Education, Early Indoctrination; Any Criticism of Authorities will Be Psychologically Impossible – Anti-Iran Alliance Falters as Netanyahu, Trump and MBS Focus on Their Own Predicaments – Chinese Citizens will Need to Scan their Face Before they can Access Internet Services or Get a New Phone Number – People Gave Away Their Rights for Points on a Card to Save a Few Bucks – The Wizards of OSS – Drugs for Guns Scandal, Oliver North – School of the Americas – Karl Rove; When We Act, We Create Our Own Reality – The List of Countries to Take Out (General Wesley Clark on Democracy Now) – The Media and Donald Trump – CFR Talked about Raising Up Philanthropists to Higher Role in Governance – Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Believes Biology is the Next Frontier in Computing – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this Year Announced He and his Wife Priscilla Chan would Donate $68 Million to Support the Mapping of All the Cells in the Human Body – Elon Musk Unveils Plan to Build Mind-Reading Implants – Scientists Have Successfully Implanted an Artificial Memory – U.K., Groundbreaking New Platform Launched to Support Mental Health – Article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Euro-federalists Financed by U.S. Spy Chiefs