Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 10-28-18

World Agenda on Course, Pace Pick-up Hectic, Toward Ordo ab Chao via Steered Dialectic.

Topics: Shorted on Wood Order – Greed Throughout Society – Morality – Tribes, Clans – Loss of Life in WWI – 1944 Population Meeting – Atom Bomb, Biological Warfare – IMF, World Bank, BIS – OECD – Virtue Signaling, Virtue Preening – Easily Manipulated by Behaviourists, Neuroscientists – The Bankers Never Lose; They Like Wars – Politicians are Hysterical, Attention Seeking Psychopaths, not Statesmen – Politics is Now Entertainment – Democracy – Republic – Behind Every Great Fortune is a Great Crime – Winners and Losers in a Psychopathic System – UNESCO, Julian Huxley – Aristocracy Blamed the People for Being Poor – Forcing People Off the Land into Factory Cities – Prince Philip said Too Many Poor – Greece – Goldman Sachs Fudged Books to Get Greece into EU – Mass Migration – Economic Warfare on Everybody – Crime Everywhere – Moped Gangs – You’re Living Under Incredible Control; Retraining You – Orwell’s 1984 – Socialism, Eugenics, The Mass Society – Dystopian Movies – You Always Turn to Your Abuser for Protection – H.G. Wells, The Family Unit is Always a Problem for Those in Power – Starvation as a Strategy used by Communists – Ethiopia, World Bank, IMF – History, His Stories – Rules-Based Order – Boris Johnson – UK Defence Minister Demands Crackdown on Violence – Scandal-Hit African £112k ‘Queen of Oxfam’ is Moving Charity HQ from Britain to Kenya – 2008 Bailout – Federal Reserve, Special Drawing Rights – Greed is Good – Australia’s Banking Royal Commission Findings – IMF Disbursement to Argentina – Sir Philip Green, Me Too – Cops and Politicians Joining Canada’s Cannabis Business – Soma – Google CEO says Censored Chinese Search Engine Could have Broad Benefits – NAFTA Rebranded as USMCA, The United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement.