Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 10-7-18

Drumming-up Consent for War Coalition, Payoffs and Bribes, Hell is Repetition.

Topics: Groundhog Day – War after War – Demonization of Enemy – Government Involvement in Guns and Drugs – No-Fly Zone over Iraq – Soldiers are Now Peacekeepers – Perception Management – Stories Told During Reagan and Bush Administrations – PNAC – The Distraction of Political Soap Opera – Pompeo Getting Agreement from Europe on Syria – Truth Doesn’t Matter When the Agenda is at Stake – Pompeo Announced U.S. is Terminating a 1955 Treaty with Iran – Trump at UN Security Council: Syria’s Butchery Is Enabled by Russia, Iran – Reviving the Bad Bear of Russia – Netanyahu Accuses Iran of Concealing Nuclear Material for Weapons Program – Germany, US Agree Need to Prevent Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria – Operation Iraqi Freedom – In Blair Administration, Dividing Up the Oil Fields and Refineries between Different Companies – Government Propaganda – Cognitive Dissonance – Double Bind – The Most Game-Changing Weapons of the 21st Century – DARPA – Russian Zombie Radiation Gun – Thermal Weaponry – Nudge Units – Combination of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World – Our Thoughts are Bought and Sold; We Pay for Our Own Chains – Directed Protesters – Psychopaths Planning Wars – Support the Talks with Your Donations and Orders – Don’t Lose Your Compassion.