Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 11-10-19

Masters to Slaves, “You’re the Problem.”

TOPICS – Sanity – Incredible Propaganda We’re Forced to Consume – The British Empire, Lord Alfred Milner – Arnold Toynbee – Books Put Out in the 1930s by the RIIA, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Published by the Rockefeller Foundation, Talked about How China would Take Over from the U.S.A. as Policeman of the World – Official Statements; Fine if You Want to Call it Conspiracy Theory – The United Nations – Carroll Quigley – The Trilateral Commission – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) – Creating Revolutionaries from the Youth – Revolutionary Songs, My Generation; Bob Dylan; Sexual Revolution, Drugs; Children Love Candies – Music Heroes on Drugs Promoted by the BBC; Eton, Oxford – The First Crusade was a Children’s Crusade Led by a Crazy Monk – World Wars; H.G. Wells, Not Enough People Died – School, UNESCO; Julian Huxley – Bezmenov – Nudge Units, Behaviour Insights Teams (BIT) – The Depopulation Agenda Through Time; Animals Competing for Food; Bullies in the Animal Kingdom – Don’t Confuse Intellect with the Ability to Use People Like a Psychopath – The Middle Ages; Managing the Herd – Changing Military from Mercenaries to Soldiers Fighting for a Cause or Their Nation with the Use of Propaganda – The Anger of Soldiers Who Figure Out How They’ve Been Used – H.G. Wells, Propaganda for War, White Feather in Cap – The Super-Elite and Their Obsession with Eugenics – Charles Darwin – Hitler Studied the Eugenics Writings from Britain and the U.S. for his Hygiene Program – So-Called Geniuses as Front Men – Euthanasia – Climate Change and Depopulation – NGO Radicals – The Club of Rome Tasked with Coming Up with a Unifying Issue that Would Allow Us to Give Up Rights and Be Ruled – California Wildfires – IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – The Cunning of Psychopaths – Wars, Globalization, Genetic Modification of Your Food – Taking Over the Water Supply like the James Bond movie; Philanthropy Taking of the Water Supply of the World Under Good Causes and Conservation – Soviet Union couldn’t Feed its People, Canada and U.S. Competed for Supplying Grain to USSR – Paul Ehrlich – Global Cooling, The Threat of a New Ice Age – The Person who Set the Stage for Entire Deception of Human-Caused Global Warming – Stephen Schneider; author of Global Warming (1989) had Two Decades Earlier Warned of a Returning Ice Age – Non-Governmental Climate Scientists Slam the UN’s IPCC – In 2006, Al Gore said 10 Years Were Left; Warned of Rising Water Levels, but Bought a Beach-Front House – Maurice Strong – At Least Animals are More Honest if Their Intention is to Eat You – Monsanto wins $7.7b Lawsuit in Brazil, but Farmers’ Fight to Stop its ‘Amoral’ Royalty System will Continue – Put the Natural Seed into Arks for the Elite to Use when We’re All Dead and Gone from Starvation – Those Who’d Paid into NHS in Britain couldn’t Get Cancer Treatments but Recent Immigrants were Given Top Priority

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Will the Real Rulers of America Please Stand Up?

TOPICS – Snow – Increased Taxes on Essentials – Monitored, Socialized System – Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House), Council on Foreign Relations – Unification of Europe, the Americas, Pacific Rim Region – The Milner Group, Incredibly Powerful Organization, Inner Circle and Outer Circle; Orwell’s Inner and Outer Parties – Monsanto was Presented as a Solution, Genetically Modified, Terminator Gene so Farmers Couldn’t Save the Seed and Replant it; Done Under the Guise of Feeding the World – Saved Natural Seeds in Vaults – If You Repeat the Information They’ve Put Out in Their Own Books, You’re a Conspiracy Theorist – Trusting Media to Tell You What is Right, Wrong, True or False – Under a Spell, Amused, Bemused, the Muses – Socialism is the Totally Scientific Control of Everyone on the Planet from Birth to Death – H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, People Will Only Exist for the Rulers of the State – The Deep State – China, Simple Propaganda, The Communists were Suddenly Going to Be the Capitalists – We Gave Our Manufacturing to China, Paid to Send it There – Service Economies, Dog Paddles until Exhausted and Drowns – Trump, Ukraine, Why was the Colonel Listening and Who was he Listening For – Climate Change, Manufactured Emergency to Save Us All – George W. Bush Surrounded by Neocons – After 9/11, Slickly Moving the Whole Crisis Over to Iraq – Scotland, The Celtic Allergy to Tyranny – Mandatory Licensing to Be Able to have Children – Orwell’s Concerns about Censorship of Literature – Aldous Huxley, Painless Servitude – Agenda 21, 2030 – Destruction of Common Culture, Religion, the Family – 5G, Complete Surveillance, Breathing in Nanoparticles – Ready for 6G? How AI will Shape the Network of the Future, an Article from MIT Technology Review – Agenda 21, No Private Vehicles – Making 5G Work Indoors – We Live Inside Cages of Electricity in Our Houses – Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Will Be Largest Market for 5G Internet of Things Solutions – Testbed for 5G-Powered Drones Coming to North Carolina – 5G Drones for Ridesharing, Deliveries and Industrial IoT – 2019 Triangle Smart Cities Summit Features 5G Networks, Drones – The Guardian Goes Orwell on Climate, an Article from CFACT – Green Roof Requirements On the Rise – Bezmenov Talked About Your Money Being Spent on Useless, Ridiculous Projects – ‘Largest Sloping Green Roof’ Collapses, 2011 – City Tech Collaborative Targets 2020 for Putting Heat Mapping Tool in Urban Planners Hands – Jane Fonda and Ted Danson Arrested at Weekly Climate Change Protest – Berkeley to Ban Natural Gas – All Social Cancers Start in California – Seattle Mayor Proposes a Heating Oil Tax – 70% of Millenials Would Vote for Socialists – A Third of Millenials Approve of Communism – California’s Prop 47 Leads to Rise in Shoplifting and Thefts – Feds to Experiment with Allowing Police Officers to Wear Body Cameras.