Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 11-24-19

Global Order Out of Chaos Topics: We are Kept in Our Place with Worry; Propaganda – Class System, Your “Betters” – Self-Policing – Indoctrination Through Television Dramas Paid for by Our Tax Dollars – The Entertainment Business is There to Indoctrinate You and Keep Your Programming Updated; Fallout within Society and Families – Giving Away Privacy for Rewards – Aldous Huxley on Loving Your Servitude (Slavery) – Socialism in Britain; an Empire Run from London – Lord Alfred Milner Group, Kindergarten, Round Table, Cecil Rhodes, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, Unification of the Americas; Branch for Pacific Rim; Eugenics – The Relationship between Britain’s Ruling Elite and the Higher Castes in India – Unifying the World through World Wars; United Nations – Escaping Poverty by Joining the Military – Depopulation – A Coordinated Effort to Alter the Cultures of Britain and the U.S. after World War II – The Beatniks; Youth are Given their Lingo; The Importance of Music to the Culture – Music is a Technique of Massive Control and Change – Teddy Boys; Elvis Presley – Pop Music; Dancing; Strobe Lights; Drugs – The Beatles – Show Business – Step by Step Changing of the Youth – CBC Documentary, Sin Cities; Pre-WWII Berlin, Drugs, Prostitution – Promoting Sex with No Bonding, The Birth Control Pill – Rock Music – Movie, Spinal Tap – Blurring the Idea of Genders – Assassination – Power Plays inside the U.S.; Open Rebellion – Way Beyond What is Called The Deep State; Moving Towards a One-Party System – End of Borders, Withering away of the State – Carroll Quigley said Elite (CFR, RIIA, et cetera) were Often Mistaken for Communists, Their Goals so Similar – Most Folk have Given Up All Their Rights that Previous Generations Fought For – Privacy – Computerized, WiFi Society – Ubiquitous Nomadic Devices; Internet of Things – Trump won’t Step in to Guarantee Free Speech – Loss of Purpose – Wellbeing – The Psychology of Privacy in the Era of the Internet of Things; Smart Devices (Spyware) – Helsinki – Visual Privacy – Trump, Impeachment Hearings; You’re Going Through a Psychodrama – Financial Chaos – Trilateral Commission – In a Society that is Free, You can’t have Efficiency – Efficiency Beyond Basic Functioning Negates All Choices and Freedoms – EU Court: Big Tech Must Censor Critics of Politicians, Worldwide – The Digital Berlin Wall: How Germany (Accidentally) Created a Prototype for Global Online Censorship – Rubio, Sinema, Tillis Introduce Bipartisan Threat Assessment Prevention, And Safety (TAPS) Act of 2019 – When Bush was in, the Talk was about “Anti-Government” – Similar to the Chinese Social Credit System – Light Pollution from SpaceX Satellites may Block View of Stars.
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A Free Society is a Nuisance to Rulers Megalomaniacal

Topics: Scare Tactics, Propaganda; Lied to by Experts and Adults – Your Freedom is a Nuisance to those Who Want to Manage You – Al Gore and His Inconvenient Lack of Proof – The Psychopath Studies You and Mimics Your Genuine Emotions – Hillary Clinton Laughing at Gaddafi’s Torture and Death – Prosperity in Libya Under Gaddafi – 9/11 and the Worldwide Loss of Rights – 9/11 was the Real Kickoff to the 21st Century, the Century of Change and Transition – Carroll Quigley; The CFR is a Part of the Managing Group, The Establishment – Psychopaths in Medicine and Research – Communist Manifesto, Destruction of Family Unit, Birth Control Pill – Out in the Open Now about Depopulation – Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Julian Huxley, Planned Parenthood, UNESCO – Al Gore’s Statements about the Internet – Your Personal Computer; DARPA Managed the Internet System – High Definition Television – Pentagon, Targeting Specific People for Heart Attacks with Certain Pixel Groupings and Rates – Incredible Violence Done to People by Their Own Governments – Everything is Planned – Thousands of Think-Tanks Across the Planet all Working on Specialized Areas of Managing Us and Managing the Future – Movie, Minority Report – Mass Shootings; Knifings – State-Sponsored Monitoring of Mental Health; GIRFEC in Scotland – Attorney General William Barr Announced a New “Pre-Crime” Program Inspired by “War on Terror” Tactics, and Article by Whitney Webb; Using Psychologists, Threat Assessment, Intervention Teams and Community Groups – After 9/11, President Bush Talked about the New Freedom – Clarifying Overseas Use of Data Act or CLOUD Act – Efficiency – Barr and Priti Patel Claim CLOUD will Enhance Civil Liberties and Be Used to Go After Pedophiles and Organized Crime; Jeffrey Epstein was a Key Funder of the Company Carbyne 911 – Stasi System in East Germany, Millions of the Citizenry were Used to Spy on Other Citizens – Feds Launch Probe Into Project Nightingale, Which Secretly Gave Google Access to Americans’ Medical Data – Operation Inherent Resolve, OIR; Forces Being Redeployed to Syria’s Oil-Producing Areas – US election 2020: Obama Issues Warning to ‘Revolutionary’ Democrats; The One-Party System which is Communism – Quigley, CFR, RIIA, Milner Group – It is Revolution – Australia’s Bush Fires – US Constructing Two New Bases In Syria’s Oil-Rich Region – 5G Smart Poles – Extremely Cold Here.