Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 11-8-20

TOPICS – Time – City of London – Covid Idea is Chiseled in Stone – Living Through a Script – Fascism – Lifelong Vaccinations – Tyrants – Corruption, Morality, Religion; Ethics, Bioethics – Yale – Al Gore, Climate Predictions – Brzezinski, Low Intensity Waves – Technocracy; H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Hierarchy of Specialists – Sexual Revolution, Music, Fashion, Abortion, Devaluing Human Life – Plato, Licensing Musicians, Plays and Art – Corporations; Quigley, CEOs New Feudal Overlords – Lockdown Fallout, Suicides – Planned Obsolescence – Cytokine Storm – The Patriot Act – Passports, ID2020 – Universal Basic Income – Slavery and Debt – Biden – to DONATE and ORDER; News Links are Posted on My Official Websites – Am I My Brother’s Keeper?, Cain and Abel – Darwinism – The Revolutionary Class that is Used; Looting – Vote-Rigging, Deep State – World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab – Lockdown, Riots Across the World, Poverty; Trained that You don’t Have Rights – Unconventional Warfare – War Upon the People – Sustainability – U.S., Banana Republic, Run by Warlords – This is the Elite’s Revolution, Bringing Us into Their New System, The New Normal – Power of Entertainment; Follow the Stars – Cult Deprogramming – Collectivism, Required Attendance at Events – Vaccine Hesitancy; Informed Consent; The Magic Number, The Tipping Point – Swine Flu – Post-Consumer, Great Reset – Human Habitat Corridors – Censorship, Authorized Social Influencers – GATT, WTO; Training Chinese in Manufacture, Engineering – Canada, GM Foods – Genetics, Eugenics, David Suzuki – Rawhide, Stampedes – England, Rishi Sunak, Furlough Scheme – Exchequer, Knights Templar – Quantitative Easing – Whitty and Vallance Defend ‘4,000 deaths a day’ Lockdown Dossier – Theresa May Leads Assault on Lockdown Plans – Neil Ferguson – Government’s SAGE Committee of Scientific Advisers, Matt Hancock, PM Told Dead Bodies would be Stored on Ice Rinks – Politicians Who Voted For and Against England’s Lockdown – SAGE Files, Covid-19 is Mutating, Patients Dying Faster in Second Wave – Wartime Scenarios, Statistics – New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian Warns Her ‘Patience is wearing thin’ with Coronavirus Rule Breakers; QR Codes – Justin Trudeau – Winston Churchill, War Games – Army to Help with Mass Testing in Liverpool, England – Contact Tracing – Age, Ethnicity and Wealth and When You Receive the Vaccine – Operation Warp Speed, Dr. Moncef Slaoui; mRNA Vaccines – Australian Biosecurity Act 2015, Five Years Imprisonment and/or a $66,600 Fine for Refusing Coronavirus Vaccination? – Food on a Frisbee – CommonPass, New Covid Security Measures and Travel – Britons Should be Paid to Take COVID-19 Vaccine, Oxford Professor and Ethicist – The CDC Said It was O.K. for COVID Patients to Vote in Person? – Facial Recognition Used to Identify Protester – Mental Health, Substance Use, and Suicidal Ideation During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Surveillance – PCR Tests – Global Biometrics Market Forecast to Surpass $82B by 2027 – We are the Business – Peter Hitchens, Britons are Being Sentenced to a Slow, Agonising Death – Sacrifice for the Great Reset – ID2020 – ‘We’ve closed all of Cornwall down for three people in hospital’, NHS Whistleblower, Shelley Tasker – England’s Top Catholic Cardinal Vincent Nichols Blasts Lockdown Ban on Church Services – Whitney Webb articles, Secretive HHS AI Platform to Predict US Covid-19 Outbreaks Weeks in Advance; New Pentagon-Google Partnership Suggests AI Will Soon Be Used to Diagnose Covid-19 – BBC, Tell-Tale Signs of Vote Rigging – Glitches, Real-Time Switching of Results, 2019 article, Thank God for the Deep State – Bacterial Pneumonia was Main Killer in 1918 Flu Pandemic – Archbishop Vigano’s Letter to Trump about The Great Reset – Credit System; Punishment and Reward – U.S. Presidential Election – The Club of Rome, Democracy too Cumbersome – Government by Decree: ‘Covid-19 and the Constitution’, Lord Sumption – Trained to Hate and Distrust Christianity – Individual Rights.