Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 12-16-18

Warmongering Agents Demand You Sell Your Soul And Flush Real Event Memories Down Memory Hole.

Topics: Canada Post – A Bit of a Thaw – We’re All Owned and Ruled by the Big Banks – Condition of British Working Class During the Period of Empire Building – White Privilege – With Poverty Comes a Lot of Fear – We’ve Lived Through Thirty Years of Wars in the Middle East – Labeled Conspiracy Theorist for Remembering Actual History – Orwell’s 1984, Really Threatened to Conform – The Same Brutes of Power are Always in Control – Extraordinary Renditions – Income Tax – The Taxing of Labour was Considered Slavery – Orwell’s Memory Hole – Reducing the Amount of Farms by Government Order – U.N. said Farming was Too Important to be Left to the Farmers, Should be Under Control of Big Agra Business – The Global System – The Club of Rome said Democracy would Never Work; Came Up with Environmental Agenda – Diet Used to Keep People Lethargic – Managing Vast Herds of People – Politicians are Well-Reward for Taking the Heat; Punch and Judy Show – Central Banking, League of Nations, United Nations – Bretton Woods, Removal of Gold Standard; Elastic Money – Coins, Paper Money, IOUs – The Hidden Tax of Inflation – Preparations for Coming Mass Riots – Canada’s Omnibus Anti-Terror Bill prior to 9/11 – Bank Bailouts, Special Drawing Rights – Austerity – Don’t Fall for the Group Idea – Happiness doesn’t Come from Outside of Yourself – Royal Institute for International Affairs Set Up U.N. – After WWII, Given the Brief Appearance of Prosperity – Dumping of Library Books in the 1990s – Intelligence Agencies Train Agitators – Lawrence of Arabia – You Take Yourself with You Wherever You Go – Macron’s Credibility Shattered as France Joins Italy in Budget Disgrace – Nigel Farage, Brexit – Australia’s Housing Bubble (and Canada’s too) – Teachers in Ghana Rip Down Statue of Gandhi – Through-Wall Imaging – Police Drones are Watching You -U.S. Judge Orders Amazon to Provide Echo’s Audio Files – Your Google Home could be Used Against You in Court – Facebook’s Patent to Predict Your Location in the Future – Taylor Swift Uses Face Recognition Tech on Fans – Amazon Robot sends 24 Employees to Hospital – BBC, Negative Imagery of Corbyn – Theresa May – There is Freedom in Knowing the Agenda.