Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 12-29-19

Topics – The U.S.A. was Called The Great Experiment – The Soviet, Socialist System was the Second Great Experiment – Positive Freedom and Negative Freedom – It’s Beyond Virtue Signaling; I Call it Social Preening – Losing Your Culture, Rationing, So-called Privilege – Up to the 19th Century, Music and Architecture Reached Great Heights – Religious Music that Touches Your Soul – Totalitarians Hate that Which Can Stir the Soul; the Big Idea – Religion had to Be Destroyed – Messages and Updates all Through Fiction and Entertainment – Oldthink – Mao Tse-Tung said He was Most Afraid of A Big Idea – An Irish Journalist Visited by Police who said They Were Worried about How He was Thinking – Bolshevik Revolution; Secret Police, Enforcers; Where did They Find These People who would Carry Out Such Atrocities? – Diabolical Hatred – They Couldn’t Bring this System in Without the Computer; Your “Personal” Computer – The Money Magicians at the Top – Psychopaths and Their Hierarchy – Dependent on the System; Internet Banking; Bertrand Russell on Credits – Universal Basic Income – Bertrand Russell said, I can Make Your Children Believe Snow is Black; They can Make You Believe Anything – Orwell’s 1984 – Agenda for the 21st Century, Agenda 21 – Young Folk have Their Whole Lives Taken Up by Electronics – Watched 24 Hours a Day – Movie, The Circle – Trump said He Wanted to Increase Surveillance Technology – Self-Policing – Agenda is Much Bigger than Technocracy – We don’t Get News; What Passes for Politics is Entertainment – In the Past, Christmas Brought Us Back to Basic Humanity in Our Little Transient Lives – Destroy Religion and The Family Unit – US Troops in Iraq – They’re Watching You Like Hawks, Flagged by Algorithms – Guzzling Entertainment, Living on Fiction, Getting Brainwashed – We’re Not Governed, We’re Ruled – Psychiatry won’t Help Soul Sickness – UN Approves Russia-backed ‘Cybercrime’ Treaty – Criminalizing Speech – Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy? – Dr. Day, Conference in 1960s Talked about Burning Folk Off the Land if Necessary – Guardian Newspaper Headline Tells You What You are Supposed to Think: “Agenda 21 is conspiracy theory. But don’t dismiss Malcolm Roberts as a harmless kook” – Headline: Agenda 21: Tens of Thousands of Aussies are Engaging in a Chilling Conspiracy Theory that Claims the Global Elite is Slowly Trying to Kill Us All – ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability; The ICLEI Oceania Regional Secretariat Serves the Interests and Needs of Local Governments in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Nations – Population Reduction – Sustainable Development – Australian Water Sold for $490 MILLION to Foreign Company During Drought – Dozens of Firebugs Blamed for Destructive Queensland Fires – Extreme Heat in 1896 in Australia – Colleges are Turning Students’ Phones into Surveillance Machines – George Orwell – The Freedom of the Press – The System We’re in Now is the Super-Soviet – British Home Secretary Signs Extradition Order to Send Julian Assange to US – Church of England – Christian Persecution ‘at Near Genocide Levels’ – India Refuses to Compromise on ‘National Interests’ for US Trade Benefits – Pompeo Woos India with ‘Secure’ 5G, Arms Sales and Nuke Project -The Whole System Today is Conology – Queen Faces a Costly £86 Million Repair Bill for Prince Charles’s London Home Clarence House as it Gets Set for a New Year Makeover – Russia and China Agree to Bilateral Trade in National Currencies – Euthanasia – Life has to Be Exalted Again, Put Back on the Pedestal that Julian Huxley said it Must Be Removed From.
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TOPICS – Doesn’t Time Fly? – Living Through an Agenda – The Whole Culture of the West is to Be Utterly Destroyed – Communism – Cambodia’s Year Zero – French Revolution – Making Free Speech Illegal – Prolonged War in the Middle East – Every Christmas Less and Less Christians; Getting Slaughtered in the Middle East – Persecution of Coptic Christians; We’re Living Through a Genocide and Your Governments are Complicit – Boris Johnson – America was the Hope for Free Speech – Bill Cooper Knew He Would Be Killed Eventually and He was Assassinated – Waco, A High Masonic, Occultic Show – Intelligence Agency Involvement with Alternative Radio; Counterintelligence; Bringing You Back Around into the Con Game of Politics – The Spin on Trump – Tremendous Evil is at Work Today – Total Destruction of Everything that Worked – Adorno, Necrophilia – Meaning Must be Eradicated – When I Started Talking about this in the 1990s, I said I Would Not Be a Cheerleader for the People – You Cannot Stand by in Silence – The Primal, Cohesive Factor in the West’s Culture was Christianity – Christmas Concert in Berlin from 1990, Russian Orthodox Friars’ Choir – Young Leaders of Countries, Mainly Women Right Now; Finland – Training Leaders, Common Purpose in the UK – Be Very Careful About Following People; I Do Know How the Movement was Taken Over – The Russian Orthodox Singing Touches Something in Your Soul – Fake Christian Preachers Who are Multi-Millionaires – Look at Who is Using You – Stop Falling for Election-Time Christianity – Can’t Play Guitar this Year Because of Bad Bout of Arthritis in My Hands – I Wish You All a Pleasant Christmas Time. Also: (Alan Watt) – Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 12-22-19

TOPICS – Frigid Temperatures, Longer Winters – Chemtrails – Geoengineering – Stanley Monteith; Seeing the World as it Really Is – We’re Brought Up to Be Brainwashed – Plato’s Cave – Biden’s Son – Bank Crashes and Depressions of the Late 19th Century – Boer War – Large Corporations Controlling the World’s Resources – Sustainability – Banning Firewood – Technocracy – The Federal Reserve – The Cons that are Used – Slavery; Being Used as an Animal by Those Who Own You – Rothschilds Advised Slave-Owning Families – Centralized Banking; Private but Given a Nationalized Name – Taxation – Charles Galton Darwin, The Next Million Years; Slavery has Always Existed in One Form or Another – Milner, Royal Institute for International Affairs – The Real Meaning of The British System – Euthanasia – The Cold War – Norman Dodd, Reece Commission – Department of Culture after WWII – Destruction of Marriage, End of Private Property – Free Trade, Interdependence – Deindustrialize the West – Maurice Strong – Agenda 21; The End of Rural Living – Counterintelligence – The Deep State – MI5, MI6 Assassination Squads – Movie, The Good Shepherd – Skripal Poisoning – The Money Spent on Wars – Goal of Technocracy was to Run a System Efficiently – Collectivist Societies – Promoting Sex without Bonding – Abortion – Euthanasia for the Elderly – Entertainment, People Seek Distraction and Cannot Handle Anything Serious – Quebec Court Invalidates Some Requirements for Assisted Death – The Dehumanization Process – Fabian Society; George Bernard Shaw – Bioethics – A Lot of Folk can’t Handle the Real World; It’s a Horror Show – Universal Basic Income (UBI); Bertrand Russell on the Credit System – Jobs of the Future Clustering in a Handful of U.S. Cities (Agenda 21) – High Tech Jobs; Jacques Attali on (Digital) Nomads – Columbia Professor who Fled Communism Resigns, says University is Becoming Communist – Afghanistan War, Crime of the Century (Ron Paul) – Boris, The New Blair (Peter Hitchens) – Britain’s Labour Party; Jeremy Corbyn – Iran is On the List to Be Taken Out – Trump; Increasing Surveillance on Every Citizen – World’s Climate Chiefs at COP25 Decide it’s Just Too Complex, so They Kick the Carbon Emissions Can Down the Road – Congress is Trump’s Co-Conspirator Against Liberty (Ron Paul) – Tractors Clog Dutch Streets as Farmers and Builders Protest over Government’s Nitrogen Policy – Fresh Evidence that UN Watchdog Suppressed Report Casting Doubt on Assad Gas Attack – How the War Party Lost the Middle East ( Patrick J. Buchanan) – Netanyahu, Pompeo push Forward with US-Israel Defense Pact – Putin and the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline’ to China – Goldman Sachs is Reportedly in Talks to Admit Guilt, Pay $2 Billion Fine to Settle Probe into Malaysian Investment Fund – Swedish Justice Ministry Manipulated Crime Statistics – Visiting Britain’s Political Prisoner, Julian Assange (John Pilger) – Carroll Quigley, War and Planned Progress. Also: (Alan Watt) – Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 12-15-19

TOPICS – Boredom – Television, Movies – People Becoming Less Happy – We Live in an Advertising Age – The Computer is the TV Set Now – Brain Chip – Tavistock, Aldous Huxley – Delgado Experiment – WiFi; Living in a Field of Electromagnetism; 5G, Radar, Microwave – Persinger – Folk have Given Up the Right to Privacy – We’re Becoming Helpless – Snobs Who Need the Latest Mod-Cons are Prime Targets – How Subversives Were Dealt With in the Communist System; Smuggled Typewriters – Knowledge is Power – Weaponized Entertainment, Politically Correct Updates – Data Collection Centers – Stasi – Movie, The Lives of Others – The Brain; The Last Frontier – The Ease of Inserting Modified Genes into Fish – Getting Rid of Library Books – On the Computer, Information Disappearing Down the Memory Hole – You Have One Global Intelligence Agency with Many Arms in All Countries – Internet of Things, Spyware Network in Your Home – Getting People on the Internet with Pornography – Bertrand Russell; Government Tells You that Yours is the Best Country; The Influence of the Education on Children; The State will Give Them Their Values – Why Would Adults Lie to Children? – International Socialism – Jacques Ellul on Indoctrination – Early Sexualization; No Bonding, No Breeding – History of the Cold War – Technology of Weaponry – Psychological Warfare – Conspiracy; Two or More People are Conspiring – Edward Bernays; Professional Liars; Propaganda which Led to the U.S. Military Overthrowing a Democratically Elected Government – Leveson Inquiry – Washington, Government is a Fearful Master – Jefferson, No Difference in the Agendas of Different Parties You’re Under Tyranny – Youth Armies; Gramsci – Culture Industry – Soma, Boredom of Routine – Jeffrey Epstein, Honey Trap Operation – Elite Sex Club Throws Top Secret Masked Orgy – AI is Making Fake News Look Real – A Facebook Rumor about White Vans is Spreading Fear Across America – MIT, Creation of Fake Memes – Mark Zuckerberg, AI – Brain-Computer Interface – DARPA – CIA, Rock Music, Psychedelics; Boosting Scientists to Star Level – Movie, THX-1138 – The War Industry is at War with You – DARPA Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) Summit; Intel Packs 8 Million Digital Neurons onto its Brain-Like Computer – Social Credit System; The Health Care System; Paying to have Your Credit Score Improved – We have 18 months to Save World, Prince Charles warns – Eugenics – Canada, Euthanasia for Terminally Ill and Depressed – Magic Mushrooms Pass First Hurdle as Depression Treatment – Silicon Valley Billionaire Pays Company Thousands ‘To Be Killed and have His Brain Digitally Preserved Forever’ – Life Extension for the Wealthy Elite – The Pentagon has a Laser that Can Identify People from a Distance—by their Heartbeat – Don’t Give Up. Also: (Alan Watt) – Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 12-8-19

TOPICS – Under Incredible Mind Control; Incessant Propaganda – Rising Fuel Costs – The Dry Winter Air – Ordered, Managed Society – Pubic-Private Partnerships – Take Over the World’s Resources – The Credit System – U.N., Austerity – The Billionaires are the Front-Men for Those Way Above Them – The Accidental View of History; Wars, Free Trade, Brexit – Movies, Highlander I and II; Shielding the Sun, Ecoterrorism – The Ozone Hole could Only Be Detected by NASA – Chemspraying – Geoengineering; Harvard – Thomas Malthus, Depopulation – Movie, The Madness of King George – Working Intergenerationally with Tax-Free Foundations and Charitable Organizations – The High Freemasonic Organizations are Completely Elitist – Big Depression in the Late 1890s Before the Great Depression of the 1930s – Britain was Called the Poor Man of Europe at the Beginning of the 20th Century; Poverty, Malnourishment – Robotics – H.G. Wells, Movie Things to Come, Machines to Replace Humans for Labour; Freemasonry of the Air – The Fabian Society; The Astor Family – Communism, Efficiency – The Fabians had a Direct Line to Moscow, Trotsky – The Soviet Union was Called The Second Great Experiment (The First was the United States of America) – The Culture Industry; Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll of the 1960s – Stop the Bonding Between the Sexes – Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Have Sex, Take These Pills and Get Back to Work – Bertrand Russell, Trained to Be Unable to Do Anything without Expert Advice – People are Now in an Existential Crisis with No Purpose – Massive Amounts of Drugs, Cocaine, Fentanyl; There is No War on Drugs – Tent Cities Everywhere – The Agenda was Always to Eliminate Middle Class People – Article, Trudeau is Greenish. Canada’s Oil-Producing Prairie Provinces See Red.- Wexit – Pierre Trudeau was a Member of the Comintern (Communist International) in the 1950s – Documentary, Oh, Canada – Service Economies – City of London, World Bank, IMF, BIS – Technocracy – Facebook Building Tech to Read Your Mind – Rockefeller Foundation – Mapping the Brain – People are Convinced Facebook is Listening to Their Phone Calls – Canada Appoints Minister of Middle Class Prosperity – Canada – New Cabinet Must Make the Best of an Uncertain Economic Outlook – UN Chief Antonio Guterres says Humanity’s ‘War Against Nature’ Must Stop – Snow Falls In The Sahara Desert – Fires in Australia – TCFD: Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures; Michael Bloomberg – Climate and the Money Trail – Club of Rome; Humans are the Problem, Man is the Enemy – Also: (Alan Watt) – Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 12-1-19

TOPICS – Shoveling Snow because of Global Warming – Incessant Propaganda – Technocracy Inc., Technocrats – Rockefeller – It’s All One Big System – Taking Over the World’s Resources; Milner Group, Cecil Rhodes, RIIA, CFR – Carroll Quigley, Historian for CFR; A New Feudalism where CEOs of Large Corporations are in Charge – The West’s Involvement in Funding Communism and Sending Engineers Over to Build Towns Modeled on American Suburbs – The World Bank – Technocracy; The Engineers and Scientists who Are to Rule the World; Sustainability and the Green Movement is All Part of this System – U.N. Agenda; Austerity (Poverty) – We are Classed as Energy Units; Everything is Energy – Behavioural Insights Teams (BIT) – Gorbachev – Trilateral Commission – Couldn’t Bring in this System without the Guise of Terrorism – General Wesley Clark Talked about the List of Middle East Countries to Be Taken Out – Blowback – London Bridge Stabbings – Club of Rome, Democracy Too Cumbersome – Maurice Strong – Surveillance Industry – Movie, THX-1138 – Colour Revolutions; Yellow Vests – Bertrand Russell, Money Replaced by Credits, Tokens – Elon Musk’s Grandfather Was Head Of Canada’s Technocracy Movement – Faraday; Nikola Tesla, Electric Car – Patrick Wood’s books, Technocracy Rising and Trilaterals Over Washington – Antony Sutton – Gro Brundtland, The Elders – World Socialist Movement; Efficiency for Those Who Manage Us – H.G. Wells, Things to Come – Article, The Last Utopians – Quigley, CFR, Our Goals Often Mistaken for Communism – With Total Efficiency, You’re Not Human Anymore and You’re Not Free – Borderless Blocs or Regions – Democracy; Switzerland – Margaret Thatcher – The U.S. is Supposed to Be a Constitutional Republic – First Defector in Cold War After WWII Attempting to Enter Canada – Uncle Joe Stalin – Brexit Article 50 Creator, John Kerr, Trilateral Commission Member; Royal Dutch Shell, Rio Tinto Zinc – David Rockefeller, Competition is a Sin – Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance (GISD), a UN-supported Coalition of 30 Business Leaders – The Late Patrick Moore (a Former Leader of Greenpeace): Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide? – Conspiracy Theories, Counter-Intelligence – Communism Talked about Unleashing the Atheists and Nihilists – The French Revolution; Released Prisoners from Bastille – U.N. Plan on Hate Speech – Orwell’s 1984, History has Stopped