Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 12-30-18

The Net, Science, Humanism, Babble of Confusion, Arrogance Seeks Godhood in this Strong Delusion.

Topics: Tensions that Build Up at Christmas Time – Signs of Decline into Third World Status – Lack of Decency and Respect – You have to Start Complaining – Thousands of Agencies Involved in Propaganda to Brainwash Us – Pentagon’s Involvement with Movie Production – Executive Decision, Movie with Kurt Russell – Sunstein’s Nudge Units – Behavioural Insights Teams – CIA Involvement in Politics – The Left, Democrats and Labour have Completely Forgotten the Worker; All for the War Agenda – George Orwell, War is Meant to Go On and On; Very Profitable for Those Involved – Mass Surveillance – Fusion Centers – Routing Calls, Spying on the Public for Years – The God Machine, The Devil Machine, The Beast – All Through the 1990s Movies About Middle East – Politicians Going into Politics from the Corporate World – Cockiness of the Young Entering into the Workforce – Telus – Companies Trying to Move Customers Away from Paper, into Electronic Payments – Bernays said Train the Public to Suit Your Product – Special Interest Groups, e.g. Gender, Race, Turned Against Each Other While We are All Moved towards Austerity – Club of Rome, Maurice Strong on the Need to Bring in Austerity – Maurice Strong, Groomed by David Rockefeller – CFR, RIIA – The Real Deep State – Think-Tanks that Advise Government – Socialism – Soviet; Rule by Councils – Very Old Organization runs Central Banks, IMF, BIS, World Bank – Maurice Strong and Adnan Khashoggi – Strong Purchased the Colorado Land and Cattle Company from Adnan Khashoggi, an Arms Dealer who had Strong Connections with the Bin Laden Family – The Baca Sits Above Vast Underground Water Systems which Strong wanted to Exploit – Strong and the U.N. Oil for Food Scandal – Euthanasia – Western Australia’s Expensive Green Energy Plan – Ireland, Budget 2019, Government’s Climate Change Goals – Brussels and Euthanasia Tourism – Homelessness and Winter Deaths in the UK – Cardiologist Slams W.H.O. for ‘Incorrect’ Diet Advice – Gatwick Drone – U.S. Missile Sale to Turkey – ISIS, Execution of Syrian Prisoners – Macron Gives French Police a Pay Raise – Facebook – WhatsApp’s Child Porn Problem – Some are More Equals than Others.