Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 12-9-18

Broke bailed-out Britain where Debate is Hate, Mass Migration, Welfare, Crime, Failed State.

Topics: You’re Given Your Leaders – Politics is Drama for the Public – Most Folk don’t Want Truth – Truth Demands that You Change Yourself Because of It – Lord Alfred Milner – COP24 Meeting – Climate Change, Sustainability used to Bring You into a State of Austerity – Sterilized, Poisoned with Pesticides, Meat Removed from Diet – The Mob will Always Take the Path of Least Resistance – Change can Only Come from People Changing Themselves – U.N. said The Individual is the Greatest Enemy – Mao was Afraid of an Individual with a Big Idea – George Bush, Sr. Talked about World Order Coming into View, A Big Idea – Environmentalists, Eugenicists – Cecil Rhodes, Wars to Take Over South Africa – Central Banks, Elastic Money – Bank Crash of 2008 – Nudge Units – Fictional Depictions of 19th Century Britain – Carroll Quigley – The New Feudalism with Corporate Overlords – Hedonism, Narcissism, Unlimited Sex, Very Few Babies Born – Tavistock – Weaponized Culture – Perpetual Childhood – You have the Right to Think for Yourself – The Biggest Tyranny Runs the Planet – Horror Lies Ahead – Religion gives a Common Culture – The Money Racket – Two Groups at the Top, Inner Party, Outer Party – RIIA, CFR – Iraq – You Must have a Border to have a Nation – Bolshevik Revolution, Slaughtered those Who Helped Them get to Power – Yuri Bezmenov – Religion, especially Christianity had to be Destroyed – The Pied Piper – Soma Time – Aldous Huxley from the Hereditary Scientific Elite – Flooding China with Opium – COP Meeting – Club of Rome – Canada is always Avant-Garde in Implementing the Agenda – All Our Countries are Being Turned into Failed States – Bank Crises – Moped Gangs – Lawlessness in Britain – Police ‘Absolutely Right’ to Knock Moped Thieves Off Bikes says Prime Minister Theresa May – Teenage Thug Spared Jail after Wielding a Zombie Knife during Shocking Street Attack – Town Where the Police have Given Up – Man Stabbed in the Head for Taking Too long in Queue – ‘Yellow Vest’ Violence Erupts Across Europe – Change Yourself.