Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 2-10-19

Societal Breakdown, Financial Mess, We All Pay for Our Rulers’ Success.

Topics: Covering the Esoteric – Your Life is Short – Natural Sixth Sense – Materialism and the Worries of Surviving – You’re Given Gurus and Stars – Old Religions gave Values and a Sense of Worth to People – Standard of Living – U.S. War for Independence – Intergenerational Revolutionaries – George Bernard Shaw; H.G. Wells; Fabian Society; Socialism versus Socialist; A Complete Reordering of Society – Communism – Soviet; Rule by Council – Beria, Chief of Secret Police in USSR, Talked about How Quickly People’s Opinions and Values Could be Completed Changed – Easier to Control Society by Segmenting it into Groups – It Takes Work to Be a Good Human – Neighbors had to Help Each Other Before the Welfare System – Banning Speakers at Universities because of Their Views (Peter Hitchens) – The Importance of Free Speech – George Orwell’s 1984; Surveillance; Wrongthought like Winston’s Neighbor – Indoctrination – Nudge Units – Authorized Opposition Raking in the Money – Corruption Everywhere You Look – Greed – Bank Crashes and Corruption – Sudbury Weather, Ice Storm, High Winds – Two Recent Earthquakes, Sudbury – Underground Accelerator and Deep Underground Lab in the Area – Sudbury Policeman Charged with Discreditable Conduct for Exposing the Huge Pay Raises of Local Police Officials – Materialism; Me, Me, Me; Narcissism; Hedonism – Georgia Guidestones – Front Groups for Environmental Movement (Eugenics) – Thomas Jefferson, a Good Society can Only Be as Good as the Corruption They Tolerate from Those that Rule Over Them – Australia is Similar to Canada with the Old British Colonial System – Banking Scandals and Corruption in Australia and their Housing Bubble – Nick Leeson, Barings Bank; movie, Rogue Trader – Australia, Royal Commission Report on Banking Misconduct and Greed – MoD Bunker – Central Banks; IMF – 1MDB Scandal; Goldman Chief says He’s Sorry and will Cut Bonuses – The Spiritual Side was About Improving Yourself and Changing Yourself – Death is the Great Equalizer – Franciscan Order, the Idea of St. Francis was to Serve Humanity – More Drugs than Ever, the Painless Concentration Camp – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited, Euthanasia – Opioid Strong Enough to Sedate Elephants on Rise in Ohio – Bankers – The Dominant Elite – BIT, Behavioural Insights Teams are Responsible for Most of Your Thoughts.