Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 2-16-20

What Bizarre Reality, With New Flu Hype Containment

Topics: I Sometimes Get these Reality Checks that Hit Me Like a Slap on the Face – People Get Their Programming Through Fiction, Television; How to Behave, What to Think – 1990s, Early Reality Television – Movies about Pandemics – Host of Reality TV Dating Show who Died – Predictive Programming – Government is the Tranquilizer in these Crisis Situations – Experts to Tell You There are Too Many People on the Planet, Depopulation – Georgia Guidestones – Ignoring Basic Quarantine Laws – Incubation Period of Coronavirus – Testing Kits Only Correct Half the Time – Bringing People in On Flights from Heavily Affected Areas – Porton Downs in Britain; Ethnic-Specific Viruses – Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars – Psychopaths in Government, in Bioweapons Labs – Testing Students – Sex in Television Shows to Addict You – Sterilization – Hygiene, Heat in Cold Climates, Protein and a Varied Diet Make You More Resistant to Illness – Persuasive Psychopaths Put Out as Specialists that You Should Follow – Taxes on Red and Processed Meat – Carbon Based Life Forms – H.G. Wells – Australia, Senator says Eco-Terrorists may Have Lit the Fires – Big Mining Projects in Australia – Justin Trudeau’s Food Expenses – Wars, Earthquakes, Plague, Pestilence, Swarms of Locusts – Judicial Watch Uncovers NIH Fetal Organ Purchases For ‘Humanized Mice’ Testing – Chinese Scientists Successfully Mix Human and Pig Genes to Create a New Lab-Grown Skin – Australia, Smart Cities, 5G – Plato, Cities are Unnatural – Euthanasia – Agenda 21 – 9/11 – Bill Gates Warns 10 Million Could Die as Virus Spreads to Africa – Front Men, Transhumanists, Fisher Kings – Sustainability – China Reports Bird Flu Outbreak Near Epicenter of Coronavirus Outbreak – Border Agents Seize Bag of Dead Birds from Passenger Traveling from China – Australia Bushfire Aftermath, Land Grab – London Underground a Hotbed for Coronavirus – Coronavirus: Fears 400,000 Brits could Die from Bug as Pregnant GP says ‘I’m scared’; Coronavirus Could Infect Two-Thirds of Globe – Swarms of up to 80 Million Locusts Decimating Crops In East Africa Threatening Food Security for 13 Million People – Justice Denied to Protect Euthanasia Law – Eight Planes Put on Lockdown at Heathrow over Coronavirus Fears – US Military Prepping for Coronavirus Pandemic – Basic Preparation and Look after Each Other.

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Waiting Game: Expert Advice Antiquated, Repeated, Expected

Topics: Generations Have Never had Any Peace in This System – Financial Crashes, We’re Plundered Two or Three Times a Century – Quantitative Easing – Always Living in Fear – Bertrand Russell, Experts to Tell Us How to Do Basic Things – Fake News – Carroll Quigley, Council on Foreign Relations; Leaders from Both Parties Always Selected – The World Economic Forum – The Rich People Running Things Truly Believe They have the Right to Rule the World – Michael Bloomberg Getting into Politics – Think-Tanks – You don’t Vote for The Wealthy or the Think-Tanks – Politicians are Reminded that They aren’t the Bosses – Julian Assange, a Warning to Other Journalists – Leveson Inquiry – The Fallout from Endless Wars, Mass Immigration – Brain Chip – Eugenicists at the Top – Cost of Robots versus Humans – The Insatiable Desire for Entertainment; Politically Correct Indoctrination – Manage the Public Like a Herd, Animal Husbandry – Sex as a Weapon, Hypersexualize Everybody, Break the Bond of Marriage – H.G. Wells, Astor Family – People No Longer Communicate – Orwell’s 1984 – Linguistic Minimalism, Swearing, Words don’t Exist to Allow Revolution to Happen – Freud, Inhibitions – Gas Masks and Trench Digging in WWII Britain, An Exorcise in Terror – Energy Units; Austerity – Free Trade, Moving Factories to China – James Goldsmith – NAFTA, USMCA – Think-Tanks Drafted Up EU, NAFTA, etc. – China, U.N.’s Model State for the World – The War on (of) Terror – Rationing – Economic Warfare – Wartime Propaganda More Effective than Years of Persuasion – Complete Quarantine; You can’t Have a Little Bit of Quarantine, It’s All or Nothing – SARS, Coronavirus – Rothschild, Making Fortune when Blood is Running in the Street – Selling Rose-Scented Handkerchiefs to Protect Against the Plague – Y2K, Patriot Radio Making a Fortune Off People’s Panic – The Secrecy of Those In Charge Creates Conspiracy – Fake History in Real Time – Links Between Canadian Lab and China – U.S. Charges Three, Including Harvard Researcher, with Lying about China Ties – Charles M. Lieber, Nanotechnology – Elon Musk’s Neuralink – Morgellon’s Disease – Zombie Movies – Slowdown in Trade with China – Ethnic Specific Viruses – Don’t Panic – Jobless Recovery – Automation, Less Work – Those Who Use Fear to Rule You are Abusers – “We’re Here to Help You” – How Governments Use Crises to Push Through the Agenda – Have a Few Friends and Help Each Other Through the Tough Times