Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 2-17-19

Slavery Through Knavery: “Famine Drought Pestilence, My, We’re All Damned, So Abandon Our Rights Accept Slavery as Planned.”

Topics: Censorship – Controlled by Experts from Birth to Death – Bertrand Russell – All Changes are Promoted from the Very Top – Fabian Socialism – UNESCO; Standardized Education – Jackson’s Colourized Footage of World War I Brings the Men to Life – Tremendous Loss of Life in WWI – Obedience to Authority – British Empire System – Abuse; Using Orphans and People who Broke the Law – “Great” Britain; Daily Mail’s Series of Late 1800’s Photographs of Children in Rags – Punished for Petty Crimes – White Privilege – Depopulation Agenda – Julian Huxley – Visit my Websites to Donate and Buy My Books and Discs – Battling the Elements; Keeping My Roof from Giving Out Under the Weight of Snow – Cycles of Weather – AC/DC – Geoengineering – Club of Rome – U.N. Agenda to Bring Back Collectivist-Type Living Quarters – Orwell’s 1984 – Lots of Cheap Entertainment in the Painless Prison Camp – CFR; World Government – Have to Get Away from Politics – Attenborough, Cousteau, Suzuki – Gorbachev on the Creation of a Form of Earth Worship; Green Religion; Sustainability; Eugenics – Canada’s Maurice Strong Groomed by Rockefeller; Treated like Royalty – Counter-Intelligence – Carroll Quigley on the Invisible Government – World Bank, Bretton Woods – Hawaii sees Winter Snow for the First Time – Poor Performance of Electric Car Batteries in Cold Weather – Agenda 21 – Head of Portugal’s UNESCO says Climate Change More Dangerous than Terrorism – Germany to Shut Down All its Coal-Powered Plants – Australia Rejects New Coal Mine because of Climate Change – Rain Tax in Wyoming, Pennsylvania and New Jersey – Corruption in Government – The Battle of Athens, Tennessee – Ring and Rekognition – IBM AI Facial Recognition – Rapid DNA Act – One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Secretly Sharing Data With The FBI – In UK, Clicking on Terrorist Propaganda Even Once Could Mean 15 years in Prison Under New Law.