Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 2-3-19

Sterilization, Toxic Food, Cancers, We’re Damned, Guilty of Living in this Future Already Planned.

Topics: Weather – People don’t Want to Talk about Hard Times – Inflation – Banks, Plunder Sprees – Alan Greenspan – It’s Normal to Be Robbed at Least Twice a Century by the Banks – Lord Rothschild on the System – Lord Milner – H.G. Wells, The Need to Get World Wars Going – World War I, the War to End All Wars – Federal Reserve Monopoly of Banks – WWI was to Get Nations to Give Up their Sovereignty – Rationing – The Great Depression – British Government Seizure of Farms During WWII – Compound Interest – The Power of Money would do the Job that Armies Once Did – Prime Minister Chretien – Oh, Canada – Club of Rome, Democracy is Inadequate – Why Would You Vote? – People Fall for Slogans – Winston Churchill had Rooms Full of Toy Soldiers – Dardanelles – Staggering Loss of Life in WWI – Fabian Society, RIIA – Cecil Rhodes said Round Table Society was Based on the Jesuit Type of Organization – Politics is an Emotive Show for the Public – Victimhood; Who is Allowed to Hate and Who isn’t – The Art of Ruling People – Machiavelli – Everyone is Monitored – At One Time, People Fought for their Privacy – British Class System – Trained that All the Cancer is Normal – Pesticides – Food Industry Run by a Cartel – Causes of Cancer – Viruses – The Huxleys were Part of the Scientific Elite; Intergenerational Managers – Overpopulation – Training Obedient Citizens – Sterilization – Eugenics – After WWII, H.G. Wells said Another World War would be Needed – War Strategy, Global Warming, Control of Food – Lord Bertrand Russell Helped Design Culture We Live in; Macy Group – B. Russell wrote The Impact of Science on Society – Diet, Injections (Vaccines) and Injunctions – Russell Worked for MI5 During WWII, and Worked with George Orwell In and Out of the BBC – Arthur Koestler – H.G. Wells wrote about The World Brain – Creation of Artificial Wombs – Polar Vortex – MIT Scientists said Global Warming Consensus was Determined Before Research had Begun – The Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan – Lancet, EAT, Doctors Demand Total Control of Global Food Distribution – The Expert-Controlled Society – Wikileaks Vault 7 – Family Watched through Hacked Nest Security Cameras – Facebook Facial Recognition – Toyota Introduces Amazon Alexa for 2019 – Toyota’s Guardian to Help Humans – YouTube Changes Recommendation Algorithms Not to Direct to Conspiracy Videos – Thought Police – Cannabis Use and Risk of Opioid Use Disorder – Catholics want Cuomo Excommunicated because of New York Abortion Bill – Vermont’s Unlimited Abortions Bill – Six Tanzanian Children Killed ‘for Body Parts’.