Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 2-2-2020

A Perfect Storm: Chinese Travelling at New Year, Party and Song

Topics: Fictional Movies about Pandemics, Plagues, Terror – Rise of Academics – Biowarfare – Book, Deadly Allies, Canada’s Secret War, about Canada’s Contribution to Biowarfare – Coronavirus – The Scientific Elite – Efforts to Contain the Public’s Chit-Chat on Social Media – Totalitarian Governments Keeping People in the Dark; Chernobyl – Corruption in Government; The Deep State – Former Politicians in High- Level International Jobs of the New Technocracy – Identifying Markers on Vaccines and on Viruses – In Disaster Movies, They Never Tell People the Truth of the Situation – NATO, Containment Strategies for Different Disasters – SARS – Wuhan Bio-Warfare Lab – 5 Million got Out of Wuhan before the Quarantine – Hazel Baker, Global Head of UGC (User-Generated Content) Newsgathering at Reuters; Deep Fakes – Behavioural Insights Teams – Virus-hit Wuhan has Two Laboratories Linked to Chinese Bio-Warfare Program – Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI); Founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Governments of India and Norway, the Medical Research Charity Wellcome and the World Economic Forum – Bill Gates, Technocrat, Transhumanist – Julian Huxley on Transhumanism and those Chosen to be Promoted to Get Things Done, Philanthropists – Platonism, Neoplatonism; Ancient Esoteric Groups; Fisher Kings, Benevolent Dictators – Bertrand Russell on Training the Public – Prince William Talking about Overpopulation; Prince Philip – Control Our Consumption of Energy – Malthus – H.G. Wells Despised the Working People; Co-Founder of the Fabian Society with Astor Family; Wells Worried that Better Sanitation and Food would Increase Breeding of the Lower Classes – Folk can’t Be Shocked Today – Stasi System; Movie, The Lives of Others; Millions had Their Homes Bugged – Amazon Reportedly has Thousands of Workers Listening to Alexa Chats – London Police to Deploy Facial Recognition Cameras Across the City – “The Greater Good” has Been Used for the Worst Horrors the World has Ever Seen – The Economy; A Perfect Storm, Devalued Currency, Rising Costs, No Manufacturing – Outbreak at the Time of the Chinese New Year – With Secrecy You End Up with Speculation – Preparedness Studies and Disaster Scenarios Put Out by the Technocratic Elite – Carroll Quigley on the Rapid Changes that can Be Achieved During War – Pentagon Privately Voiced Concerns about Afghan War – Boris: The New Blair, by Peter Hitchens – Basic Preparedness is Always a Good Idea, but Don’t Panic.

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Topics: Trotsky’s book, My Life – Trotsky was a Freemason; All the Revolutionaries were Freemasons – Politicians Trained Like Actors – Expressions like “Special Relationship”, UK and USA – During Cold War, Scotland had Heavily-Fortified Nuclear Subs – Movie, Threads – Controlled by Terror and Fear – Intelligence Agencies Fostering Belief that They’re Superior – Purpose of Media is Propaganda – Gorbachev Presented as Hip – Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Communist Training, Worked for Reagan who was Presented as Conservative – Eisenhower Lend-Lease Program – Stalin said Communism is Socialism in a Hurry – Fabian used the Gramsci Technique – Kirkpatrick’s Plan of Hundreds of U.S. Military Bases Across the Middle East; Nothing to Do with Cold War – It’s Important to Understand Symbology – The Great Depression – UK and US Work Projects Corresponded to Similar in USSR (CCCP); The USSR was Congratulating America for its Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC); Workers for the CCC (CCCW) – Carroll Quigley – Book, Fringes of Power by Churchill’s Personal Secretary – Peter Wright – Bertrand Russell’s Experimental School – Russell on Those Who Could Think Slipping Through the Cracks; Diet, Injections and Injunctions – Mao’s Greatest Fear was a Big Idea – Bush Sr. and Jr. Speeches on the New World Order and the Big Idea – Massive Reduction of Population because You’re No Longer Needed – We Peasants are the Fuel for the Various Stages of the Evolution of the Elite’s New World Order – Cold Spring Harbor – Eugenics – Tony Blair – Zero Interest on Your Savings – The Short Window of Freedom to Speak on the Internet, but Folk will Stay on Because They’re Addicted – Climate Change – NSW Fires Not Due to Climate Change says Expert in 2013 – Australia’s Smart Cities Plan – Agenda 21, No Private Vehicles Allowed – NASA has Known for More than 60 Years that Climate Change Occurs because of Changes in Earth’s Solar Orbit, Not Because of Fossil Fuels – Milutin Milankovitch – Breakthrough in CDC Vaping Illness Investigation: Vitamin E acetate and THC may Be to Blame – Coronavirus – Mobile Game About Wiping Out Humanity With a Deadly Disease Tops Chinese App Chart As Coronavirus Spreads – Think for Yourselves and Verify Information – Turn Off Every So Often.