Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 3-10-19

Witness Signs of Huxley’s-Blair’s Ultimate Revolution, Using Geneticists, Bio-Chemists, Scientific Collusion – Part 3 Topics: Going for Broke with this Ancient Agenda; World Orders, Globalism, Global Governance, Global Government – The Term Conspiracy Theorist was Put Out by Intelligence Agencies after Death of John F. Kennedy – Public Executions as Entertainment – Counterintelligence is Counter to Intelligence – Labeled Conspiracy Nut when Reading Articles from the Government’s Own Websites and Agencies – Bush Sr. Talked about a New World Order Coming into View – This Talk is Part 3 of Eugenics Series – Religion – Reason – Lucifer Stands for Intelligence, Intellect, Reason – Secular Humanism – Subversion of All that Kept Society Intact – The Shock of the Massive Slaughter of World War I and II – Go Into Archive Section of My Website,; Many Talks Cover the Occult – Even the Big Talk Shows Use My Archive; Why Do the Work when I Already Have? – Oxford University Press Put Out a Book on Jewish Myths and Legends; Ancient Rituals Described, Similar Rituals seen with Knights Templar and Albigensians – Ancient Rituals Still Seen Today in Masonic Rituals – Hidden Because the Goal to Overthrow the Existing Order is Heretical in All Ages – H.G. Wells story Things to Come – Creation of a Universal Financial System; Central Banks – IMF, World Bank; Debt as a Social Change Policy Directed from the West – Austerity at Home – War is Used to Bring About Much Change – Correspondence between George Orwell and Aldous Huxley – Paris, Treaty of Versailles; Warburgs; Germans to Pay Exorbitant Reparations – Karl Marx, a Unified Europe and Unified Americas, NAFTA – Orwell’s 1984 – Soviet System was a Test, The Second Great Experiment – Soviet, Rule by Councils – Orwell Foresaw the Spy, Surveillance System – Your Ideas of Freedom are Delusions – Carnegie Council, Resurgent Idea of World Government – Financial Times, Is it Time for World Government? – UN/EU, Tower of Babel – Control of Everything – One Organization Created U.N., World Bank, BIS, IMF – Public-Private – H.G. Wells, Another War to Bring the Nations to their Knees – Fabian Society – Barry Goldwater on The Trilateral Commission – RIIA, Milner Group – CFR – GATT Treaty – Sexual Revolution, Abortion – Rolling Stones, Tribute to the Devil, Time is On My Side – Destruction of the Family – Trilateral Commission, Technocrats – News Anchors – World Federalist Society – Brand, Making Scientists Superstars – Unabomber – Zuckerberg – Deepfakes – Eugenics – China’s Gene-Edited Baby – Movie, Gattaca – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Julian Huxley, Planned Parenthood, UNESCO, Create Common Culture to Indoctrinate Children; Involved with many Ecological Organizations – Lenin, We Shall Win by Slogans – The Ecological Society of America – Sustainability, Eugenics – Rockefeller’s Molecular Vision of Life, Caltech – Nazis copied Eugenics Program from the West; America – Bertrand Russell, Diet, Injections, Injunctions – Political and Economic Planning; Julian Huxley – Britain’s National Health Service – The Nature Conservancy – Children Kidnapped for Paedophiles, The Philippines.