Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 3-15-20

Bioethics-Eugenics: Chomping at the Bit Experts, Irresponsible

TOPICS – When Government Gets Moving on a Wartime Footing – Curfews, Self-Isolating in the Cities – Justin Trudeau’s Wife Tests Positive for COVID-19 – Civil Defense – Potential for the Virus to Mutate – Biowarfare – Eugenicists – Technocrats – Transhumanists; Julian Huxley – George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman and His Various Speeches – Efficiency – Religion was a Bulwark Against Tyranny – Movie, Saving Private Ryan – The Halo Around Science – Star Making Machine for Scientists – Too Many of You; Prince Philip; Depopulation – Disbelief – Psychopaths Love Power and Adoration – Tony Blair – Georgia Guidestones – Capitalists Gave You Socialism; Top Communists are Millionaires and Billionaires – J. Huxley, Many Who Help this Agenda will Be Eliminated When No Longer Useful – H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, Useless Eaters Killed Off; Efficiency – Yuri Bezmenov – Childhood Used to Be Hard, Children Put to Work in Factories and Mines – Today’s Youth are Taught to Have Everything – Some Venereal Diseases cannot Be Treated – Movie, Soylent Green (Book was Entitled, Make Room, Make Room) – Persuaders, “Give Up” – Euthanasia – The Obelisk is the Phallus Sticking Out of the Ground in Defiance of the Deity – Charles Galton Darwin, We Who Run the World are the Wild Men (Transhumanists), Unrestricted by Moral Codes – Quarantine; Powers of the State – The Repetition that It Is the Older Folk Dying from this Coronavirus – Baby Boomers, Like They had No Babies Before in History – The Giants, The Olympians Running the Show -Emergency Plans, Martial Law – Barriers Set Up on Roads – Visit to Donate and Order – Iran; Fulfill the Big Agenda While They’re Down – Whitehall, UK Government Countering Coronavirus Disinformation from China and Russia – Queen Elizabeth Stepping Down? – Second ‘Cured’ HIV Patient Goes Public – Self-Driving and Electric Cars – Immune Responses, Cytokine Storms – SARS Similar as a Base to Build On; SARS CoV2 – Coronavirus Could be ‘Quite Useful’ in Killing Off NHS Bed Blockers, says Ex Official – What Is ‘Boomer Remover’ and Why Is It Making People So Angry? – Doctors Treating Coronavirus Told to Discriminate Against Elderly Patients: They “Will be Left to Die” – To Help Stem Spread of Coronavirus, Trump Must Lift Sanctions on Iran – Keep Your Head.

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Ring a Ring o’ Roses PSYOP Experts Guide the Stories

TOPICS – Heavy Outbreaks of Flu in the Past, SARS, H1N1 – Media has Always Been Tightly Controlled; Carroll Quigley, Historian for the CFR; Gary Allen’s book, None Dare Call it Conspiracy – Free Trade; Your Tax Money Paid for Factories to Move to China – 2007-2008 Crash – Kept in a State of Fear and Impending Panic – The Underground Stream – Council on Foreign Relations, “How can We Use this Catastrophe to Our Advantage” – Trump Pardoned the NYC Police Commissioner from 9/11 Era – Exercises that Took Place on Same Day as 9/11 and UK’s 7/7 – Event 201 Tabletop Exercise, Johns Hopkins, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Bioethics – Censored and Shadow-banned for Not Going Along – The Big Names in What Used to Be Called Patriot Radio are Bought and Paid For – Create a New System of Global Control – BBC Documentary on The Spanish Flu; Decisions Made to Keep the War Going Spread the Flu and Cost Many Lives – Too Many People; Unsustainable; Darwin; Malthus – Abortion; Older Folk Using Resources; Euthanasia – Living Through Agendas; Kept as Children – First Locally-Transmitted COVID-19 Cases in Australia, as Attorney-General Warns Drastic Legal Powers Could be Used – “Threads” Movie and Documentary that Went Along with It Where They Talked to Policemen about Powers Under Disaster Circumstances – Congress Warned of Possible Coronavirus Exposure that May have Occurred at AIPAC Conference – Stephen Harper, Mike Pence Attend Conference where Two Test Positive for COVID-19 – IMF Head Announces $50 Billion Aid Program For Covid-19 Relief – Please Visit to Donate and Order – Forty Schools in Coronavirus Lockdown as Emergency Plans could See All UK Classrooms and Public Transport Shut – Authorities, Experts Look into Korea’s First Coronavirus ‘Reinfection’ Case – Study says 2 Strains of New Coronavirus are Spreading – Wuhan Coronavirus could Cause Male Infertility – Canada Post Workers Refuse to Enter Building Amid Coronavirus Concern – Harvard Professor Marc Lipsitch, 40% to 70% of World Could Be Infected This Year; Should we be Making Potential Pandemic Pathogens in the Lab – Bioethics and Behavioural Insights Teams – They Talk about Testing Kits but There is No Mention of How to Treat This, Antivirals, et cetera – Getting Us Used to the Idea that Old People Should Just Die Off – Movie, Twelve Monkeys – Take Care of Yourselves and Each Other.