Cutting Through The Matrix With Alan Watt – 3-17-19

Witness Signs of Huxley’s-Blair’s Ultimate Revolution, Using Geneticists, Bio-Chemists, Scientific Collusion – Part 4 Topics: A Short Thaw, More Snow to Come – Everything is Put Down to Global Warming, the Mantra for the New Religion – Public-Private Partnerships Control Education and Media, Make People Believe Anything – Too Many People – End of World Scenarios, Situation Ethics; Deep Impact, Well-Known Actors, Big Budget; Lottery for Survival – A Threat that Would Bring People Together – Henry Kissinger; Overpopulation – Thomas Huxley, Darwin’s Bulldog – Aldous Huxley, Julian Huxley – Thomas Malthus – Throughout History, Taking Down Populations When Deemed Necessary – Local Spies – Rights of Privacy – Conology (A Very High Degree) – Trained to be Subservient – Scientific Techniques – Aliens Invading Earth; Who Would Want to Come Here? – Humanity Comes Together to Fight the Aliens – Club of Rome, Man to Become the Enemy (We’re Fighting Ourselves) – Climate Commissars, the New Priesthood – Socialism – Georgia Guidestones – Politics is a Fiction – Democracy – U.N. Super-cities – Smart City – Advertising Brands for Free – Domesticated Animals – I.Q. Dropping – Fluoride study; Neurodegenerative Changes for Brain, Spinal Cord and Sciatic Nerve of Rats Treated with Fluoride – The Term, To Help You, is Used as a Horror Show – Fluoride’s Affects on Central Nervous System – Soya and Sterilization – Study from India on Aluminum Found in Soil from Geoengineering – The SPICE Project; Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering – Geoengineering and Governance – US5003186A Patent, Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming – 2010, U.N. Urged to Freeze Climate Geo-Engineering Projects – George Orwell’s Animal Farm, preface on Freedom of the Press – Censorship – Embedded Propaganda – Peer Group Studies – Middle Class Conformity is Well-Studied – Education Domesticates You – Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, page 50; Education Should Aim at Destroying Free Will; Diet, Injections and Injunctions – Eugenics – Julian Huxley – Book, Acres of Skin – China’s Gene-Edited Babies – Brave New World.