Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 3-31-19

Propaganda, Persuasion, sides, Age, Indecision, Add Experience, You Have, The Human Condition.

Topics: Geoengineering – Medical Fads; Removal of Tonsils, etc. – Politicized Themes – Social Control – Old Sci-Fi Movies – Alien Invasion Scenarios – Club of Rome; Global Warming, Famine – Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb – Julian Huxley, UNESCO – Aldous Huxley, Overpopulation – Bertrand Russell said War hadn’t Killed Enough Off, Need Plague – George Bernard Shaw – The Real Currency is Energy – Jacques Ellul, Early Indoctrination – B. Russell on Scientific Indoctrination through Education; Parents Merely Economic Supporters – Genetic Propensity to Addiction – Collecting and Analyzing Data on You – U.S. Pentagon – Computer Viruses – The Internet is Affecting Our Minds – Turning Natural, Necessary Drives into Addictions – Pornography – Historical Rules and Taboos to Avoid Personal, Family and Tribal Chaos – We’re Living in the Most Surveilled Society that has Ever Existed – Nudge Units, Behaviourists – Television Brought very Debased Culture – Adam Curtis Documentaries on Television – Ellul on Fictional Propaganda about Hospitals and Police – Stalin on the Role of Police, Military and Teachers – Sexual Revolution was Promoted from the Top – The BBC – Psychology and Candy at the Checkout Counter – U.N. Supercities – Marxism, Centralized Government – The World Bank and Social Changes – China, Huawei, Canada and the U.S. – CFR, RIIA, Trilateral Commission, the Invisible Government – We Paid the Companies and Corporations to Move to China – WEF, World Economic Forum – Excellent Seers of their Time; Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World and George Orwell’s books 1984 and Animal Farm – The Past for Most People was a Horror Show – Deindustrialization of Britain; Germany was Set Up as the Industrial Power – In 70’s and 80’s, Thatcher Talked about a Generation that Would Never See Work – Destruction of People by Drugs and Alcohol – Backdoors on Computers – China is the U.N.’s Model State for the World – Old Testament Prophets – Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei Spends £1 billion Building a Fake European Town for 30,000 Workers – China Blocks Imports of Canadian Canola Products – Slogans – BirthStrikers: Women who Refuse to have Children until Climate Change Ends – Britain’s Drug Minister, Victoria Atkins, and her Husband’s Involvement with a Legal Cannabis Farm – Tory Party Deputy Chairman’s Dancer-Turned-Barrister Cousin Buys 4,000-acre Farm in Sierra Leone to Grow and Import Cannabis after Obtaining Licence to Make Drug for Use in Medicines – U.S. Security Concerns Over Grindr App – Sexual Blackmail – Acute Illness Associated With Cannabis Use – Cold War with Russia; movie, Blast From the Past – US Air Force deploys B-52 bombers to Europe in Message to Russia – Plato, No Such Thing as Justice, Only the Appearance of Justice – Students Buying Essays and PhD Dissertations – Farmers Across Europe with EU Dairy Compacts Lost Their Farms – Agenda Planned Far in Advance.