Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 3-1-2020

THE AGENDA Bounds Forward

Topics: We’re Living through History – Movies to Prepare us for Pandemics – Bioweaponry – Britain Depended on War – Bank of England, City of London; Obelisk, Cleopatra’s Needle – Power; A Type of Phallic Symbol which Comes Out of the Earth Pointing Upwards in Defiance of the Godhood – Council on Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute for International Affairs – The First Casualty of any War is Truth – Before the Welfare State, People would Help Each Other Out in Basic Ways – We’re Always Run by a Dominant Minority; Aldous Huxley – Empires and the Money Magicians – Movie, Thuggee – India was Called the Jewel in the Crown – Psychopaths can Rationalize any Kind of Cruelty – Starvation in the Ukraine during the Soviet Era – Special Forces; the Newer Type Given a Free Hand – The Public Pay for Empire Building with Their Taxes and Being Used in the Military – Lord Kitchener – The 9/11 Story; “Would You Give Up Your Freedom for Safety and Security?” – The World is Ruled – Kept Naive, Believing in Foundation Myths – The Coronavirus Terror is Second Part of 9/11 for the Agenda; Using Fear to Control You – A Virus is Such a Quiet, Tiny Thing, Not the Repetition and Psychic Driving of the Towers Going Down Over and Over – Empty Streets in China; A Martial Law Scenario – Not that Many are Being Tested for this Coronavirus – Climate Catastrophe, Overpopulation – Prince Philip – Julian Huxley, Transhumanist; Hidden Masters of Theosophy – Rationing – Porton Downs – Traits of HIV in Coronavirus – India and Pakistan – All Countries have Similar Systems with Psychopaths Elevated to the Top – Free Trade with China; Trained Their Students and Gave them Factories – Antony C. Sutton Book Talked about Wall St. Financing the Bolshevik Revolution – From Global Research, The “Lock Step” Simulation Scenario: “A Coronavirus-like Pandemic that Becomes Trigger for Police State Controls” – Canada Prepares Pandemic Response Plan as Coronavirus Cases Climb – Chinese Authorities Cover Streets in Clouds of Disinfectant – Novel Antibody May Suppress HIV for Up to Four Months – Coronavirus Could be 1,000 Times More Infectious than SARS; it Plagues the Body the Same Way as HIV and Ebola – Furin – Harvard Professor Sounds Alarm on ‘Likely’ Coronavirus Pandemic: 40% to 70% of World Could Be Infected This Year – Taiwanese Professor says Wuhan Coronavirus Likely Man-Made – Wuhan Coronavirus Could Cause Male Infertility: Chinese Study.

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Experts Gaslighting of Public Creates Immobility, Inability to Decide

Topics: Onslaught of Authorized News – Coronavirus, COVID-19 – Gaslighting – Given Opposing Views, Conflicting Stories – CDC, WHO, Eventual Spread of Coronavirus Across the World – Using Fear for Control – 9/11 was the First Stage for Massive Change; Would You Give Up Your Freedom for Security? – No Privacy is Now Normal – Given New Opinions Mainly Through Fiction – Brzezinski, Between Two Ages – HAARP, Low Frequency Pulses – Programmed Dream State – Brzezinski, People Will Expect the Media to Do Their Reasoning for Them – Acting Lessons for Politicians who Read Scripts that are Written for Them by Professional Speechwriters; Everything is Show Business – Frankfurt School – 21st Century, The Century of Change – The New Age – Radicalized Youth – Mao – Soviet Union – Self-Policing – Book of Revelation – Technocracy, Experts Should Rule the World, Club of Rome; Energy Consumption – The Internet, DARPA – Bertrand Russell, Compliance for Credits or Tokens; Rewards and Punishments – The Population Bomb, Paul Ehrlich; The Same Old Malthusian Concept of Too Many People – Communist Red Youth Brigade, Hitler Youth, Boy Scouts – Destruction of Family Unit – Protests of the Coastal GasLink Pipeline in Canada, Train Cancellations – Extinction Rebellion – CFR, RIIA, Trilateral Commission all Speak of Governance – Philanthropists and Rich Businessmen Take the Lead – The Internet, The Net, Caught in the Net; The Web, Caught in the Web; www, 666 – George Orwell, History Rewritten – Communism is a Term for a Technique – Peter Hitchens, Living in a Post- Revolutionary World, Policing of Thought – Pete Buttigieg’s Father Translated Gramsci – Khrushchev – Aldous Huxley, People would Come to Love Their Servitude – Bill Cooper, A Lot of People will Love Socialism – The Valley of Death – Alternate Radio Stations Put Under by the Ones Who are Left – After Mass Chicken Cull, China Approves Live Poultry From US – Researchers Finally Get Access to Data on Facebook’s Role in Political Discourse – The Abused Ask the Abuser to Save Them.