Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 3-6-19

Witness Signs of Huxley’s-Blair’s Ultimate Revolution, Using Geneticists, Bio-Chemists, Scientific Collusion – Part 2

Topics: Geoengineering – U.S. Air Force, Owning the Weather – Managed by Experts in Every Aspect of Your Life – H.G. Wells – Communism, Collectivism – The Drive for Efficiency – A Thousand Points of Light – Our Lives are Short and so We are Short-Term Planners – Laissez faire Capitalism – Poverty in Great Britain – Marketers Work on How to Put Ideas Across to the Public – Behavioural Insights Teams – Psychology was Dreamed Up to Control People; Psychiatry went Further with Drugs – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World – The Leisure Class – Plato’s The Republic – Esoteric Circles – The Occult is Simply Hidden – Real History Kept by Long Established Churches – Scroll Making in Egypt – The Literate Priest Class – The Great Plagues – The Norman System of Rule – Al Gore, Sustainability, The Environment – Eugenics – Ruling Oligarchies – Franklin D. Roosevelt, Always a Good Reason and the Real Reason – Albert Pike, Manley P. Hall – Abortion – Doublethink; Too Many of Us, Stop Breeding? or Not Enough People to Pay Taxes, Mass Immigration? – Elimination of National Boundaries, Standardized Culture – The Reward will be to Pass Your Genes On – Reincarnation – Secular Humanism – The Hellfire Club, Benjamin Franklin, Brothels, Aleister Crowley, The Magical Child – H.G. Wells Hated the Working Class; Secret Society, Brotherhood of the Air – Stem Cell Research, Longevity – Three Levels of Science – Success Measured in Hits and Clicks – Royal Institute for International Affairs – Trilateral Commission – Technocrats – The Rockefeller Family; Finance and Train Top Players in Science, Academia, Politics – Book, The Rockefeller Foundation’s Molecular Vision of Life—How the Aims of Eugenics, Social Control, and Human Engineering Shaped Molecular Biology and 20th Century Science; (Oxford University Press, 1993) – Psychobiology – Science for Eugenics and Social Control – Total Observation of Everyone on the Planet – Peter Hitchens on ID Cards – William Pitt the Younger; Necessity; The Cry of Every Tyrant is Safety – Food is Energy – Vegetarian Diet Played a Role in the Death of the Mother of NHS Cardiologist – Depopulation – War on Superbugs is Putting Elderly People at Risk, NHS Gives Bonuses for GPs who Don’t Prescribe Antibiotics – Paris Climate Agreement – Ocasio-Cortez Poses ‘Legitimate’ Question: ‘Is It Okay to Still Have Children?’ – In Australia, Household Energy Bills Could Soar by Hundreds of Dollars – Chinese Government May have Funded Disgraced Scientist He Jiankui to Create the World’s First Gene-Edited Babies – Socialism – Philanthropists All on Board with Same Agenda – Who Trained You Into Conformity?