Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 4-21-19

Revolution, Fabian Style, Slow, Persuasive, Incremental, Then Uncompromising Raised Clenched Fist, None too Gentle, So Now the State Provides, go Enjoy, dance and Splurge, In Stuporous State You’ll be Issued Fate in Latest Purge.

Topics: We’re into a New Chapter of Our History – The Cold War; Our Taxes into the War Industry – The World Bank Lends to All Countries – The Ruling Oligarchy is Beyond the Deep State – China, Model State – GATT – Iraq, Kuwait, the Bush Family; Story about Throwing Babies from Incubators – Syria, Iran – The Phase We’re in Now is the New Soviet System – Soviet is Rule by Councils (NGOs, Foundations) – Social Warriors – The Young Joiners are Used – Groups Aimed at Youth are Run by Very Old People – Yellow Vests in France – Britain’s Eco-Warriors; Police Joining in with Protestors – Goal is Scientific, Socialist Control; Compulsory Sterilization, Permits to have Children – The Illuminati – World Revolutionary Party Members Came Over from Germany to Help Lincoln Fight the South in the Civil War – Ideas of Right and Wrong Come from Philosophy – Lenin, We Shall Win by Slogans – Climate Change, Veganism – The Club of Rome – Private Organizations Using the United Nations – U.N., World Government – Arnold Toynbee – Will and Ariel Durant – CIA and the Funding of Communes – Jim Jones – The Study of Cults – Taxes, Austerity – We’re Living Through a Plan and The Plan has Chapters – E.U. and Farmers; Butter Mountains – The E.U. was Never Meant to be Democratic – Bertrand Russell – H.G. Wells – Will Durant Quote on Religion and Civilization – A Presentation of History that Makes the Rise of Tyrants seem Inevitable – Trotskyism, Perpetual Revolution – Protest Movements that have Totally Disappeared – We are the Problem Now because We Exist and We Consume – 20th Century Art; All Beauty Must Be Destroyed; Atonal Music – Julian Huxley, Dethrone Humans from their Pedestal – Dehumanization – Abortion – Euthanasia – Life is Cheap Now; We’re Knocked Off that Pedestal – Washington State to Legalize Human Composting; Organic Reduction; Liquid Cremation – We are the Business – Soylent Green – Biodegradable Burial Pod Turns Your Body into a Tree – You Find Out Your Real Purpose in Life is to Supply Nutrients to a Tree – Britain to Implement Opt-Out Organ Donation – Pig Brains Kept Alive Outside Body – Extinction Rebellion in Britain – Social Warriors for Veganism – Attacking Farmers – Funded, Organized, Massive NGO Armies – Agenda 21 – David Attenborough says We’re Running Out of Time to Save Planet and Calls for Urgent Action to Tackle Global Warming – 2013, Attenborough says Humans are a Plague on Earth, Limit Population – Jonathan Porritt – Population Matters – Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb – U.N.’s Eco Green Clubs in Schools – The Green Party was Initially Called the Ecology Party – Extinction Rebellion Leaders; Jet-setters – Green Giants – The Eco Power List – U.N. Environment’s List of Accredited Organizations – Tax-Free Foundations Owned by Biggest Corporations – Porritt, Green Party – Zuckerberg calls for Internet Regulation – Julian Assange – Fear and then Terror Used on the Public – Notre Dame Cathedral Acoustics, Photos – Geoengineering – Destruction of Good Music – No More News; Aldous Huxley, Infotainment.