Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 4-28-19

The Séance of Science Entranced Us to a State All Catatonic, We’re Brain-Entrained Electric-Chained, System Technetronic.

Snow – Climate Change – Scary Scenarios – Derren Brown; Hypnotism, Behaviourism – People Want to Be Part of the Crowd – Delphi Techniques – Creation of Groups – Repetition of One-Liners – Derren Brown’s show, Heist – Milgram Experiment – Giving Authority to the Person in the White Coat – Psychopaths Selected for Certain Military Jobs – Most People Live in a Kind of Disneyland – Brainwashing in Certain Must-Be Programs – Rulers, Unseen and Unknown by the Public; Carroll Quigley Called Them The Oligarchy – Aldous Huxley Talked about a Dominant Minority at the Top – Plato’s Republic; Breeding Programs – World Government – Locksley Hall, Parliament of the World – League of Nations – Jacques Attali, Winners and Losers; Self-Surveillance – No Real Democracy – Kept Distracted with Meaningless Data – Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era; a Totally Surveilled Society Run by a Dominant Elite with Allegedly Superior Scientific Know-how – Cass Sunstein’s Nudge; Behavioural Insights Teams – The Delphi Technique Uses the Audience Against Someone Speaking Out with Facts – Your Opinions are Shaped for You by the Use of Your Emotions – When Reason is Out the Window, Someone is Using You – John Brockman, making Scientists into Stars – Reece Commission, Norman Dodd; Foundations and Promotion of Communism; Amalgamation of Capitalism and Communism the Goal – Lenin, Communism is Only Socialism in a Hurry – Lord Alfred Milner, The Milner Group, RIIA, CFR – Tony Blair’s Mentor, Isaiah Berlin, Positive and Negative Freedom – Rights Taken Away Under the Guise of Necessity – Giving Up Privacy to Get a Slight Discount on a Purchase – You Do the Work, More Profit for the Stores; Greed – EU, NAFTA Not about Free Trade; Total Amalgamation and Parliament – Brzezinski, Regionalization, Trilateral Plan for a Gradual Convergence of East and West Ultimately Leading Towards the Goal of One World Government – Brzezinski wrote about Geoengineering – Karl Marx, All Wealth Comes from Labour – We are the Business – Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars – Normalization of Cancer, Autism, Sterilization – Politicians and Simple Slogans – The Controlled, Technetronic System – Human Rights Group Alleges Google may be Helping the U.S. Government Conduct Warrantless Searches – Amazon’s Alexa Reviewers Reportedly have Access to Customer Home Addresses – We are in the Technetronic Era – Cameras in Stores that can Guess Your Age and Sex – We Buy our Spies – Drones – LRAD Sound Cannons to Disperse Crowds – Electric Vehicles Emit more CO2 than Diesel Ones – Julian Assange – Spells are Cast Over the World; 9/11 – Shock and Awe; ELF Weapons – Assange; The Whole Idea where You can say What You Want on the Internet is Over – Jacques Ellul – UK, Home Office Investigated Over Student Visa Cheat Claims – UK to Blame for 55% of Europe’s Gonorrhoea Epidemic -Microsoft Employees Question if Diversity is Important and Slam the Tech Giant’s ‘Discriminatory Hiring’ Against Asian and White Men – NHS doctor and UK pharmacist who became torturers for ISIS – Canada Watchdog to Seek Court Order to Force Facebook to Follow Privacy Laws – Attali said the Nation-State was Obsolete – Supercities – The Enormous Wealth of Silicon Valley – Syria and Destruction of its Economy – Tech Giants are Downgrading Humanity – Ex-Google Manager Tristan Harris says Tech Giants are ‘Downgrading Humanity’; Short Attention Spans and Narcissism – Julian Huxley, Knock Man off His Pedestal – Attali Praised the Warburgs and said the Future Would Be Run by Massive International Bankers and Economics Would Rule Us All.