Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 5-19-19

Welcome to Bedlam Where Minds are Limited, Contained, Where C.G.D.’s “Wild Men” Rule over Mass of the Tamed. Topics: Brzezinski, Easier to Kill a Million People than to Control Them – Legal Notices – League of Nations, United Nations, World Government – Terrorism, Teachings of Military Academies, End of National Warfare Comes with the End of Nations – Indoctrination of those Born into a System Under Constant Threat of Terror – Climate Change Indoctrination – Movie, Soylent Green came from a Book called Make Room, Make Room – Movie, No Blade of Grass – Movie, THX-1138 – Gen. Wesley Clark, List of Middle Eastern Countries to be Taken Out – Aldous Huxley Gave a Few Clues and Warnings of What was Coming – Movie, Empire of the Sun – We Judge too Quickly; Walk a Mile in Another Man’s Moccasins – Mobs are Always Used – In the James Bond movies, the Threats came from Rich Individuals – Jeremy Bentham, Panopticon Prison System – Necessity is the Excuse Used to Take Away Your Freedoms – Highland Clearances – Brainwashed Enforcers of the Agenda – Austerity – Eugenics – Euthanasia – Japan’s Declining Birth Rate; Abortions following Fukushima because of Radiation Fears – Zika Virus – Industrial Revolution – Communism, Laissez-fair Capitalism – Movie, Logan’s Run; Everyone Born into Artificial System, Sent to Nirvana (Killed) at a Set Age – Gorbachev on Creating New Religion that was a Form of Earth Worship – Former U.S. Drug Czar warns about Heroin and Fentanyl – Jacinda Arden, Censorship, Facebook – Movie, Fahrenheit 451; Obedience, Don’t Ask Questions – Louisiana Unveils Ambitious Plan to Help People Get Out of the Way of Climate Change – Cities that are Doing the Most to Combat Global Warming – Florida Bill Lays Out Plan to Study and Prepare for Climate Costs and Impacts – Americans are Not Having Sex, according to National Survey – US births lowest in 3 Decades Despite Improving Economy – Movie, Enemy of the State; Total Coordinated Surveillance – Movie, Brazil; Tuttle gets Mixed Up with Buttle – will it make rich people genetically superior – IARPA, Video Surveillance Algorithms – Chinese Facial Recognition Start-up can ID a Person in Seconds – Man Ordered to Uncover Face in Front of Police Camera and then Fined £90 – British General says No Increased Iran Threat in Syria and Iraq, Prompting Rare Rebuke by Pentagon – Congress Demands Urgent Iran Briefing – Fall in Number of UK Deaths – Huawei – Hackers can Steal Your ID and Bank Details from a Coffee Machine – Judge Orders Manning Back to Jail – Russian Oil No One Wants to Pay For – Corporate Warfare – Going into a Time of Fear – Will Gene Editing Make Rich People Genetically Superior – Remember to Visit my Official Websites and There You can Order Books and Donate – The Battle Between Good and Evil.