Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 5-5-2019

Because Our Lives are Short and Agendas are Damning, Our Masters Hide Evidence within Long-Term Planning.

The Shortness of Life – Death – Materialistic System; Post-Christianity – Those Who’ve Accumulated Wealth Given the Power to Rule Over Us; Philanthropists – Public-Private Partnerships – Trilateral Commission – CFR, Time for Philanthropists to Participate in Governing the World – Post-Democratic Governance; Foundations and Front Groups – The Club of Rome, Find a Common Enemy to Unite the World, Global Warming – Carter Administration, Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski; Scientifically Controlled Society – Think-Tanks; Money; Elimination of Industry – Maurice Strong – Reduce Everyone to a State of Poverty – Populations in the West Declining – Japan’s Child Population Declines – Charles Galton Darwin, The Next Million Years; Money Always Used as a Weapon – Coerce People Not to have Children – Alan Greenspan – Austerity – Cost of Energy – We are Not in a Democracy – CEOs and the New Feudal System – News is like Movie, Groundhog Day, Same Wars – Sock Puppets, Bots – Given Emotive Topics to Argue About – Will Durant – George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 – Sadists and Torturers – Be Awfully Careful about What is Presented to You as Facts – Edward Bernays, How to Use Existing Organizations – Hollywood Movies showing Fantastic Displays of Wealth Designed to Make Average People Dissatisfied with Their Lives – We Get Our Thoughts Given to Us Mainly Through Fiction – Movies, John Wayne – Destruction of the Family – Genetic Manipulation Way Beyond Brave New World – Military Research and Development – The Cold War – Only Authorized Voices Giving Authorized Versions – Big Tech Companies and Privacy – Spy Agencies with Legitimate Corporations – Ireland – Lawlessness and Knifings in Wild West Britain – How to Spy on Google and Facebook’s Spying – From 2012, How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did – Coupons, Loyalty Cards, Mousetraps – DARPA Prosthetic Memory Implant – It’s a Cruel World – Christianity’s Recognition of the World as an Evil Place; They Called it The Fall; The Fallen Nature of Humans – Understanding Death and Dying is an Essential Part of Living Life – Nearly 50,000 Animals have been Killed in Seven years at Ministry of Defence’s Top Secret Porton Down Research Base – The Past Porton Down can’t Hide, Humans Used as Guinea Pigs from 1945 to 1989 – U.S. Secretly Tested Carcinogen in Western Canada During the Cold War – Operation LAC – We’re Kept Naive – Warfare Companies Involved in Growing Our Food – Charles Fort, We are Farmed – The Older Christians Knew this was a Deceptive World.