Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 8-11-19

“How Much Smell as Jeffrey Fell, Protection Evaporating, From Intel Op. to Belly Flop, a Memory Left for Hating, Some Powers Cry, Others Sigh with Hope it’ll be Forgot, Along with Screams Children’s Dreams Cry Forget-Me-Not.”

Topics: Nine Eleven – 21st Century, The Century of Change – Banks Profit from War – Authorized Talking Heads – Brzezinski – People See the Media as an Appendage to Their Brain, There to Guide Them – CFR – Movie, Wag the Dog – Adam Curtis Documentaries – Jacques Ellul, Propaganda, Fiction – News Anchor, Father Figure – Loans and Aid, Cultural Change, Elimination of Borders – Globalization, Elimination of the Nation-State – Foundations, Think-Tanks, NGOs – Andrew Carnegie, International Revolutionary – Rockefeller said Competition is a Sin, All the World’s Resources Should Be in the Hands of Those Who Would Use it Wisely, A Private Club – People are Creatures of Habit – Internet Censorship, Spying – Most People don’t Mind having No Privacy – Those at the Top don’t Feel Safe Unless They Know Everything About You – We Have a Natural Inclination to Trust – CFR, RIIA, Private Organizations, Carroll Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope, Many of the Goals are the Same as Communism; Bankers on Board – The Manchurian Candidate, MK ULTRA, Many ways to Depattern the Brain; Drugs, LSD – Latin America, Drug Business – Opium, Heroin – Psychological Warfare, Demoralization – Britain in the 1960s and 1970s, No Jobs, Heavy Taxation; Britain Overtook Sweden for Amount of Suicides – European Union, NAFTA – Margaret Thatcher said There’s a Generation Growing Up Now Who will Never See Work in Their Lifetime, Get Used to It – 2008 Financial Crash, Canadian Banks were also Bailed Out by the U.S. Federal Reserve – Due for Another Crash – Quantitative Easing, Inflation – Trained Not to Expect Interest on Your Savings – Aldous Huxley, Soma, Legalization of Drugs – John Pilger Interview with Leni Riefenstahl – Visit and Make a List of My Official Sites – Please Donate and Order Books – Mexico Gang Leaves 19 Bodies, Some Hanging from Bridge, as a Warning – Nixon in China – They’ve Hyper-Sexualized the Planet, Lowering Age of Consent for Intergenerational Sex – Jeffrey Epstein – Mistreatment of Maids and Servant Class – Ghislaine Maxwell – Media Tycoon Robert Maxwell Scammed Millions from his Employee’s Pension Plans, Pyramid Schemes – G. Maxwell Launched back into Society in 2000 with Prince Andrew on Her Arm – G. Maxwell Insisted that a Dark Conspiracy of Mossad Renegades and Sicilian Contract Killers Took Her Father’s Life – Kit Kat Club – Epstein’s Relationship with Wexner – Honey Trap System – Epstein’s Operation was Big – Intelligence Operations – New ECB President, Christine Lagarde, Praises Negative Interest Rates – Make Friends that aren’t On the Internet, that You can Communicate with Face to Face.

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“Culture and Morality, Proffered with Profanity, From Egos Sour, Craving Power, Utopic Insanity.”

Money Controls the World – Cecil Rhodes, Round Tables, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission – Dividing the World into Three Regions – Hegelian Dialectic to Push the Agenda Through – Bloodless Revolutions, Cultural, Sexual; Planned Long Ago – You wouldn’t Recognize the World in Thirty Years – Rudyard Kipling – The New Managerial Class of the System, Made into Multi-Millionaires, Arrogant and Cocky, Told They Rule the World through Algorithms – H.G. Wells; Part of a Class of People Who Saw the World as a Place to Be Shaped and Ruled – The People are Cannon Fodder for those Who Own an Empire – Eliminating any Voice that is Off the Path of the Authorized Truth, Until You’re Left with Only Counterintelligence – WWII BBC Radio Propaganda about Imminent Threat from Germany – Hitler, Aim Propaganda at Women who Demand to Be Kept Safe; Government then Overrules the Husband; Aim it at the Woman, the Child Will Follow the Woman and the Man Must Therefore Follow the Child – Bertrand Russell, Brass Bands and Emotions – Conspiracy Theorists the New Danger to the Planet – 2008 Financial Crash; Money Heaven – Social and Cultural Attachments to International Loans – Hillary Clinton – Agenda for the 21st Century, The Millennium Project, Sustainability, Population Control – Agenda 21, No Private Ownership of Property – Canada, Priced Out of the Housing Market – Public-Private Partnerships, International Landlords, Real Estate Agents – Marrying Affordability to Sustainability, Mixed Income Housing Outside Minneapolis – Brave New World – NAFTA – Dissolving of National Borders – Arrogant Strutters, Those Who Think They’re Near the Top of this System – Chamath Palihapitiya, Venture Capitalist, Former VP at Facebook – Palihapitiya Urges Others to Use Their Money to Create a Good, Proper Culture for the People with Algorithms and Behavioural Modification Techniques – Former Facebook VP says Social Media is Destroying Society with ‘Dopamine-Driven Feedback Loops’ – Facebook Could Soon be Snooping on Your Encrypted WhatsApp Messages Under Plans to Moderate Content on the Platform – Former Google Engineer Says Google Will Try to Prevent Trump’s Reelection – Monsanto’s “Rain of Death” on Canada’s Forests – First Human-Monkey Chimera Raises Concern among Scientists – Jeffrey Epstein – Intelligence Operations – Censorship Meeting, was Public Ready to See Intergenerational Sex – Contamination, a Term from the Communist Era for Contact with another Culture – American Indian Ghost Dance – Boris Johnson – Priti Patel, Secret Meetings with Israel, Erosion of Public Trust