Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 9-16-18

“This Ancient Agenda, Perfect Empire, Ethereal, Has Graded our Genes, You are the Material.”

Topics: The World Order is Always Changing – Order Out of Chaos – What You’re Given as News Today is Just Soap Opera – Alliances Between Nations – Treaties – World War II, Poland, Yalta – NATO, the Military Wing of the United Nations – War is Always Grand Theft – Today the Warfare is More Covert – Cultural Warfare – Loss of Rights and Freedoms since 9/11 – Agit-Prop – Those in Soviet System who Made Millions in the Supposed Utopia for Workers – Big Foundations that Fund and Organize Protest Groups – You are Given the Issues to Protest and then You’re Studied – Ellul Wrote about the Punch Card System for Gathering Data on Everyone – Biowarfare – Importance of Early Indoctrination, Education – The City of London – Creating a Psychopathic Culture – Chimera for Specific Tasks – Instill New Perceptions into People – Creation of New Normals – Step by Step into the Transhumanist Agenda – Transfusions of Blood from Young People – Euthanasia – Organ Harvesting is a Multi-Billion Dollar Business – Valid versus Invalid in Society – Nudge Units to Discourage Doctors from Prescribing Antibiotics – Batches of Vaccines are Labeled – Charles Fort said, We’re Being Farmed – Financing so-called Terrorists – Knifings in London more Prevalent – Dissociative Anxiety – Occam’s Razor – Tyrants Use Nationalistic Jingoism – The British Empire – Cecil Rhodes – The Milner Group – CFR – RIIA, Book Published in 1938 on the Future of the Commonwealth – Star Trek was about the Free Trade System – Talking in the 1930’s about the Political and Economic Integration of Europe – Aldous Huxley on Popular Culture – No Real Investigative Journalism – Instant News, Instant Protests – Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World – Cyborgs and Total Control – Fear He Who can Kill Both the Body and the Soul – The Ghost in the Machine.