Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 9-2-18

BIT: Free Thought Buster, Opinion Adjuster.

Topics: Behaviourism – Specialists Study Humanity and How to Alter Human Behaviour – Bertrand Russell – Domesticating People by Understanding What Motivates Fear – Money Tends to Marry Money – Aldous Huxley – Foundations, NGOs, Think-Tanks Working on Behalf of Large Corporations and the Present Elite – A. Huxley on Popular Culture – H.G. Wells, Wartime Propaganda Songs – Distractions, Cities and Deviancy – The Star Making Machinery – Don’t Believe Your Governments are There to Help You – Behaviour Modification is Always Being Done – H.G. Wells, Free Love – Scientific Controllers – Warfare, Eugenics – Machiavelli – The Underground Stream of Knowledge – Freemasonry – Facebook – Behavioral Science and Policy Association – Nesta – Nudging – Behavioral Insights Team, BIT – Canada’s BIT – It isn’t Pessimistic to Understand the Agenda.