Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 9-22-19

The Psychological Knavery of Technique Slavery: From School to Climate Catastrophe, Trained by Rote, Fearful Desperate Damaged Cultures Continue to Vote. Topics: Living in Some Sort of Groundhog’s Day – Trump and Iran – Qaddafi, Libya – Withering Away of the Nation-State – RIIA, CFR – Free Trade Agreements – Free Trade is Monopolistic for a Consortium, a Bloc of Countries; A Communist Idea – Anthony Hopkins in Movie, Heartland – We’re Run by Secrecy and Deception – Elimination of Manufacturing Base in Canada and the United States – The Mexican Corridor; then Moved Manufacturing to China – Planned Hyperinflation – After 2008 Financial Crash, Bank Bailouts, Special Drawing Rights for Canada and Other Foreign Banks – Money is a Tool of Power – Politicians and Insider Trading Tips – Bring Down Western Countries into Austerity (a Nicer Word than Poverty) – War on Culture, Hyper-Sexualization, Music Television – Television Series from the BBC called The Scheme – (Housing Schemes in Britain, Scotland) – Heroin Flooding into Britain in the 1990s at the Same Time Jobs Just Vanish – Drugs; Big Pharma, Government Steps in to Pick Up the Slack, Social Workers – Bring in the Pseudo-Science Experts of the Mind – Native Indian Culture, Follow the Tradition of the Elders; There was Purpose, Busy for Survival – You Cannot Make a Profit from So-Called Arrested Civilizations – We’re in the Eradication Phase – Pesticides, Genetically Modified Food – Socialism was Picked by High Levels of the Middle Classes who Despised the Poor and Were Afraid of Them; H.G. Wells had Contempt for the Working Classes – Brave New World, Aldous Huxley; Breeding and Genetically Modifying Humans for Specific Kinds of Work; Promiscuity Promoted; The Savage, Wild Man who Could Still Think, who Valued Beauty and Emotions – John Dewey, You’d Live a Certain Amount of Years and then You’d Die and Your Death wouldn’t Be Mourned but Celebrated – Purpose, Family and Community Destroyed – No One to Stand Up for the Individual, as Many (including George Bernard Shaw) Wanted) – Socialism is an Ordered, Planned Society that Makes the Elite Feel Safer – Signs and Symptoms of a Destroyed Society – Democratic Donor Ed Buck is Arrested for Running a Drug Den and Being a Violent Sexual Predator; Like Something You’d Read About from Caligula – Claim, Jeffrey Epstein Ran a $500M Ponzi Scheme Fueled by Insider Trading and Fake Stock Buys – No Doubt Epstein was Part of a Massive Intelligence Operation – Donations to MIT’s Media Lab – Much More to MIT’s Media Lab than Meets the Eye – Richard Stallman Argues that Epstein Victims were Entirely Willing – G. Maxwell Called the Girls Trash – Patents – Stanford R. Ovshinsky Mentored Joi Ito, Who Recently Resigned from MIT’s Media Lab after He Admitted Taking $525,000 in Funding from Jeffrey Epstein for the Media Lab – Ito’s Godfather was Timothy Leary – Sackler Family – Aggressive Marketing of Highly Addictive Opioids – Pro-Choice and Anti-Abortion Advocates Express Shock at the Discovery of Fetal Remains at Dr. Ulrich “George” Klopfer’s home – Torture, Waterboarding – Forest Spraying Concerns, Sudbury – TEK Elders will take Government to Court Over Aerial Spraying of Glyphosate Herbicides by Forest Management – Cancer-Causing Herbicides Dubbed “Agent Orange” were Sprayed by the B.C. Government During the ‘60s and ‘70s – Toxic Gas Tested on Norwich – Millions were in Germ War Tests in Britain between 1940 and 1979 – Documentary – Radioactive waste: Dumped and Forgotten – Cancer Kills Many California Sea Lions, Most Born in the Channel Islands – Privately-Owned Cars should be Banned from London by 2030 – Ireland Set to Ban Private Cars – Elimination of Private Vehicles a Big Part of Agenda 21 – Is Deutsche Bank the Next ‘Lehman Brothers’? – ‘Death Taxes’ Swell U.K. Treasury Coffers – Please visit my Site, to Donate and Order.
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People Praise their Flags Routinely Day by Day, While their National Values Go the Opposite Way. Topics: Mentioned in a Talk in 2001, Right After 9/11 that The Hardest Thing for an Individual would Be to Hang on to Your Sanity – Depopulation Agenda – Everything Normal was to Be Turned Upside Down – Bush Sr. Speech about New World Order Coming into View – Even Thoughts to Be Banned; U.N. Talked about Self-Policing – Socialistic Societies, Privileges Rather than Freedom – Politicians; Psychopaths Gravitate Towards Power and Applause – PNAC Group, The Warhawks; John Bolton – General Wesley Clark – Christianity Could Never Exist Alongside a Post-Modern Society where Experts are Running the Show and Decide the Value of Life – Experts in White Coats or Business Suits – Entertainment is a Massive Business – Scientists Promoted as Stars – Your Given Your Leaders, Pied Pipers – Nothing in this System is Left to Chance – Orwell, Entertainment would Be Cranked Out by Machines – Reshaping Man, Woman, Marriage, the Value of Life – Situation Ethics – Trained to Eat Bugs Rather than Meat – Trained to Be a Victim; You’re the Problem – The Unelected; After Margaret Thatcher Left Office She Talked about Now Belonging to an Organization of Former Leaders Who Get Things Done – Secret Circles Across the World; RIIA, CFR, Trilateral Commission – Much of the World has Looked to the U.S. as a Place where Rights Exist and the Ordinary Man Knew His Rights – United Nations Charter – Always Think for Yourself – You’re Living in an Age of the End of Individuality – Rebellions versus Revolutions – Socialism in the USSR and Socialism in Germany and the U.K. – The Big Shift in Europe of the Industrial Revolution – Orwell on Linguistic Minimalism; Shrinking Dictionary of Words so No One Could Communicate Rebellion – All that Gave Meaning to Society has Been Destroyed – Constantly Working on the Minds of Young People – Crowding You into Cities – The Family is a Small Tribe – H.G. Wells wrote about the Destroying the Family Unit so Government Could Dictate Directly to the Individual Who Would have No One to Defend Him – What was Called Patriot Radio is Now Just Entertainment – Even in the 1990s, the Rest of the World would Listen to Americans Who Knew Their Rights and Demanded Them – Given the Same Slogans and Rhetoric but Everything has Turned 180 Degrees in the Opposite Direction – Thinly Veiled Propaganda on Behalf of Politicians – National Health Services – NHS Trusts Handing Over £205m a Year to the Government in Interest Payments as Debts Mount – Monopolization – Universal Health Care; Paying for Health Care across the World – Disabled 41-Year-Old Canadian Man is Euthanized After Funding for Home Health Care Runs Out – Academia Considers Cannibalism – 5G and Smart Cities – Report Pours Scorn over Google’s Ideas for Toronto Smart City – UK, Marriage Rates Continue to Fall – Edward Snowden Prepares to Release Memoir – Media Blacks Out Roger Waters’ Performance (Event Organized by Waters and John Pilger) in Defence of Assange – Pompeo: Iran Behind Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities Also: (Alan Watt) – Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – Sept 8th, 2019

Wild Men, Morally Unconventional, Rule from Outside the Box, Within Which we’re Encased and They’ve the Keys to the Locks. Topics: This New Chapter is a Whole New Phase of Reality – Much of the Planning of Where We are Now goes Back to the 1940s; How the Computer would Be Used to Shape Behaviour on a World Scale – Public Unaware They’re Being Nudged; Behavioural Insights Teams (BIT) and Nudge Units – Jeffrey Epstein’s Involvement with People in the Scientific Communities Who are Part of the Big Super-Structure which is Above Governments and That Actually Manage and Control Us; Cybernetics – Huge Organizations Above Politics – Fear (Climate Change, etc.) – Eugenics – Scientists Promoted as Stars Might Not Even have Real Scientific Qualifications – The Role of Intelligence Agencies – The CIA and its Involvement in Culture Creation – H.G. Wells, Things to Come – MI5 and MI6 – Contractors for the CIA and Related Private Agencies – You’re Not Supposed to Be Involved in Reality at All; You’re Supposed to Be Involved in Your Social Credit System, Be Good – Programs that Contain a Virtual You – Everyone Must Be Predictable – Socialism; Fabian Society Funded by Astor Family and Other of the Wealthy Class – Claim that Men Go to War Because They’re Warlike and Too Wild, but if They don’t Put on the Uniform They’re Put in Prison or Put to Death – Socialism was to Curb that Wildness in Man (to Be a Form of Control) – In the 1920s and 1930s, there was Resistance to Communism inside Germany – European Union Army; Corruption – Superstar Scientists and Technological Elite Promoted as Geniuses; Their Job is to Shape the Way the World is Coalescing into One System – Mao Tse-Tung; Uniformity – Mind Control – Mikhail Gorbachev Given a Place in the Presidio in the U.S. to Work on His Variation of the Socialistic Green Party Agenda – Ghost-written Books – Gorbachev said He was an Atheist but We Must Create a New Religion Based on Mother Earth – The Power of Mass Communication, Mass Psychology – Guilt and Obedience so You’ll Never Think in a Wild Fashion Again – Charles Galton Darwin said the Intergenerational Scientific and Academic Elite Must Remain Wild; Promoting Promiscuity among the General Public, Lowering the IQ through Injections – Nothing Happens Unless Those at the Top Allow it to Happen – The Public Should Be Hypersexed and on Drugs – Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome – All the Jobs that are Created when Manufacturing and Production is Done within Your Own Country – Service Economies; Intentionally Brought Down to a State of Helplessness; U.N. Interdependence – The Super-Soma Stage – Chaos, Rations, Social Credit Score – Psychiatrists in Vancouver will Begin Phase III Clinical Trial of MDMA (Ecstasy) to Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Movie, Urge, Probably Named after the Demiurge – MDMA can Decrease Fear and Defensiveness and Increase Trust and Empathy – Aldous Huxley Talked about Techniques which Would Make People Accept Things Which Might Not Be Good for Them – A German Financier Wants to Turn Magic Mushrooms into Modern Medicine – White House Considers New Project Seeking Links Between Mental Health and Violent Behavior, HARPA, SAFE HOME – Images are Biblical, Religious; You Imagine, Image In; the Image gets Stuck in the Mind; Movie, Urge; Orgy Clubs – New South Wales, Australia, A third of the Prison Population has Hepatitis C