Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 9-23-18

Topics: Gale Force Winds – Trees Down – Problems with Vehicle – Wooden Homes and Rot, Constant Repairs – Agenda 21 – U.N. Supercities – Sustainability Enforced by Radicalized Youth – Young Communists League, Hitler Youth – Mao’s Little Red Book – The Russell Family – Church of England and the Theft of Catholic Property – Long-Term Planning, Tax-Free Foundations – Ports, Duties, City of London – Huge Salaries of Civil Servants to Bring in the System called Free-Trade – Creation of Income Tax – Temporary War Tax, Victory Tax – Politicians all Belong to the Same Club – Carroll Quigley, All Leaders are Picked – CFR, RIIA – Important Organizations Headquartered in City of London – Freemasonry – Planning Ahead even in Centuries – After WWII, U.S. Subsidized Used Televisions for the British – Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice for the Young – Britain’s Post-War Rationing well into the 1950s – H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell on the Necessity to Destroy the Family – Bolshevik Revolution, Agitation by the Far Left to Make Conditions Unbearable for the Peasants – Lower Order of Society, Junk Genes – The Sciences Used on the Public – The British Empire System – IMF, World Bank, BIS – Rhodes, Milner, RIIA – The Balfour Declaration – Political System must Promote a Sense of Duty – World Government – Julian Huxley, founder of UNESCO – Scientific Techniques to Create a Common Culture – The British Council, Created in 1930s, Training Future Leaders – Bertrand Russell’s Experimental School – Pavlov – Russell on the Creation of a Scientific Dictatorship – NHS Criticized for a TV ad that Features a Song about Euthanasia – Coca-Cola in Talks about Branching into Cannabis Beverage Market – A Study on the Impact of Early Medical Treatment in Transgender Youth.