Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 9-9-18

Free Thought Buster, Opinion Adjuster – Part 2

Topics: Creating Internet Addiction – Planned Global Society – Please Visit My Websites to Order Books and Discs and to Donate – Cities are a Trap – BIT: Free Thought Buster, Opinion Adjuster, Part 2 – Nudged and Guided into Conforming – What is Freedom? – We’re Given Front Men, Stars – The Elite are Unconventional – The Pettiness of Humans – If Voting Worked it Would’ve Been Banned – Cyborg Technology – Celebrity – Power – Every Year Countless Studies are Done on the Public – Very Easy to Change Society – Bernays – Behaviourists Design Curriculum and Teacher’s Toolkits – Aldous Huxley Talked about Techniques that Would Change People’s Behaviour in Ways that Wouldn’t Be Good for Them – Nothing is Left to Chance in This System – BIT, Behavioural Insights Team – Behavioural Exchange (BX) Conference will be Held in London in 2019 – Behavioural Insights (BI) is Global, with Over 200 Teams Working in Countries around the World – BX, Interaction Between Policy Makers and Academics – BIT Works with Doctors to Discourage Them from Prescribing Antibiotics – Euthanasia, Do Not Resuscitate – GMO Tested on Canadians without Their Knowledge – Frankenfoods – Google, Alphabet, DeepMind – Agenda 21 – Jigsaw – Documentary, The Weight of Chains – Behavioral Science and Policy Association – Sunstein – Canada’s Behavioural Insights Group (BIG) – The Final Frontier is Your Mind – Uniformity – Why Do You Bother to Vote?