Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – January 19th, 2020

Oh, What a Wicked Web They Weave, Trained to Lie, Subvert, Deceive

Topics: Climate Change and Pushing Through a Whole New Way of Living – Technocracy, Inc. – Most Folk don’t Question a Big Lie – Well-Funded Propaganda – The World is Owned – Using Actors in the CFR and RIIA – Bertrand Russell, Could Train the Children to Believe that Snow was Black – Eleanor Roosevelt, Pavlov, Children under Totalitarianism – Fashion – Fallout from Early Experiments with Sexual Revolution – Younger Teachers Employed – Anti-Social Behaviour Disorder – Liberals Do Not Believe in Equality of Opinions – The New Cold Wars are Lucrative; Weapons Industry Controlled by a Very Small Group of People, Shareholders – Soon You’ll Hear How Russia has This New, Amazing Missile, et cetera – Wars Used to Get Resources for Private Companies; The Public is Left to Pay for it All – Extinction Rebellion – Rules for Radicals – Intelligence Agencies, Deception, Psychopathic Types, Paranoia; Foreign Agents – For Questioning, You’ll Be Attacked Not Just by Bots but by Real People – Integrity Initiative – Cyber Agencies – Your “Personal” Computer – A Virtual You – Everyone to be Totally Predictable – If There is a Big Purge, They’ll Know Exactly Who to Go After – Almost All Transactions Now are Using Cards; The Government Knows Everything You’re Buying, All Your Habits – In the Late 1990s, the Militarization of the Police; Preparing for the Fallout of the Middle East Wars – The Countries on The List – Dennis Potter, Blade on the Feather – Cambridge Spies – Peter Hitchens and Christopher Hitchens; Trotskyists – Prime Ministers Cameron and Blair; Potter’s Blade on the Feather, “Our Lot’s in Now, Daddy”, “Are You Sure?” – Briefing Note on the Integrity Initiative – Institute for Statecraft – Jeremy Corbyn – Peter Wright – Twitter, Social Media – Persuasive Techniques – Scottish Labour Candidate Facing Questions Over Links to ‘Secretive Military Propaganda Unit’ – China Spy Suspect Worked for EU for 30 Years – USMCA, the Newly Negotiated NAFTA Replacement is Strikingly Similar to the Sovereignty-Destroying TPP.

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Topics: Very Old Agendas – Higher Taxes, Devalued Currencies – Free Trade Agreements, Manufacturing Moved to China – Puppets and Clowns Put in Front of Us; Boris Johnson, Donald Trump – Movie, Oh Lucky Man – World War I, America Came into the War to Guarantee the Big Banks would Get Loans Repaid – Tribal Leaders, Mercenaries – Socialism’s Mass Slaughter of Dissidents – Gramsci – Internet Trolls Trained by the Military – Profumo Affair in Britain – Today, Destroying an Enemy is Destroying People with Different Points of View – New Kind of Warfare – Money Spent on Armaments – Tony Blair – The Cold War – Credit Cards to Get People Through Bad Financial Times – Saudi Arabia, Massive Purchaser of Weaponry – Reasons You are Given for War – Iraq didn’t Attack the West – Bush and Operation Iraqi Freedom – Saddam Hussein – The PNAC List – Spike Milligan, We are Now at War – Raising Generations of Controlled Cultures – Publicists for the Royal Family, Humanizing Them – Kuwait, Bush Sr., Oil Fields – Rockefeller, Maurice Strong – Total Intolerance to Anyone Who is a Dissident – Peter Hitchens said In the Modern West, We Live in Post-Revolutionary Societies – Gramsci, Music, Sexual Revolution, Feminism – Peter Hitchens on the Systematic Infiltration of Anti-British Marxists into the Highest Levels of British Society – Peter Mandelson – Hitchens, Modern Revolution Means the Policing of Thought – White House Considering Dramatic Expansion of Travel Ban – Does Trump Have An Ethnic Iranian Interrogation and Detention Program In The Works? – Google will ‘De-Rank’ RT Articles to Make them Harder to Find – Eric Schmidt – How to Spot a Twitter Troll – Pentagon Launched Second Attack on an Iranian Militant the Same Day it Killed Soleimani – Afghanistan – Earthquakes in Iran – Twitter Executive Revealed to Be ‘Psyops’ Soldier Linked to Spreading Disinformation Across Social Media – We’re in Amazing Psychological Warfare All the Time. Also: (Alan Watt) – Cutting Through The Matrix – January 5th, 2020

Topics: 2020 – Conditioned to Live Under Fear – Agencies and Even Newspapers Part of the Structure – Carroll Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment – Wartime Propaganda – In Stagnation Mode – Pop and Rock Music Industry as Part of Revolution – Every Generation Thinks They’re Doing Their Own Thing – Leisure, Fashions of the Rich, Ruling Elite – Mao Tse-Tung’s Collarless, Blue Tunic – The Beatle’s Suit – I Hope You All Recovered from the New Year without Eating Too Much or Getting Too Wasted – Panic, The Repetition of the Movie, Groundhog Day – Sci-Fi Movies from the 1960s – Travel Restrictions, Curfews – Trained, Step by Step to Live in Smaller and Smaller Places – A Brain in a Chair with No Need for Legs – Experts Run Your Lives in a Socialist System – Soviet Warehouse-Style Stores which We Have Now – Trump’s Rhetoric, Obama, Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom – Brzezinski – PNAC’s List of Countries to Take Out – Announcements by Presidents Written by Experts for a Psychological Response – Embargos – Madeleine Albright – Saddam Hussein was a CIA Asset – Preparing the Country to Hate Another Country, The Enemy – The Big Lie – Monitored, Controlled Society – Germany Prior to WWII – Libya – Plunder – Tony Blair – The West Funded Communism; The Big Bad Bear – China – The West Paid for its Factories to Move to China – Impeachment Trial in Limbo – The Internet, The Memory Hole – “We’re Going to Take out 7 Countries in 5 Years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran”; General Wesley Clark – Intelligence is Deception – 9/11 Official Explanation was Out within 15 Minutes of the Event; Bin Laden – Ghislaine Maxwell is Reportedly a Foreign Spy Hiding in Israel – Iraq to Reconsider Working with US-led Troops after Airstrikes – Trump Ordered the Assassination of Soleimani – Turkish Parliament Authorizes Libya Deployment – Baghdad’s Green Zone – US does Not Seek War with Iran, says Mike Pompeo (May, 2019) – Former Ambassador, Historian Craig Murray, The World: What is Really Happening – Behavioural Insights Teams Leading You to Your Conclusions – The Jobless Recovery – Have to Get the Job Done with the Wars Before the U.S. is Totally Crashed – The Loot that Will Come Out of These Countries and Go into Private Corporate Hands