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Medical Martial Law 2020

As the lockdowns go into place and the military takes to the streets in country after country, the decades of preparation for medical martial law are finally paying off for the pandemic planners. Today on this emergency edition of The Corbett Report podcast, James lays

While We Were PANICKING, the Government Did THIS…

This video is about the bipartisan EARN IT bill, introduced by senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal. The EARN IT bill had its first hearing on March 12, 2020 and aims to allow the government to scan any and all messages online, eventually eliminating end-to-end

Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package! What’s In It For You?

I break down the Trump Administration’s $1 Trillion Dollar Stimulus package and what it means for individual Americans and small businesses. See Also: (Ben Swann) – TRUTH: Seasonal FLU TWICE as Deadly as Coronavirus? I’ve been warning for the past few weeks so just take

Bailout Everyone? The Fed Is Doomed To Fail

‘Shut down’ the economy? Would government even think of such a thing without a Federal Reserve? Most likely not. Bailout just about everyone? Could government even think of such a thing without a Federal Reserve? Of course not! Every government and Federal Reserve “solution” comes

Instead Of Warning Us, They Profited!

When our public officials met to discuss the C word… what did they do first? Well they called their financial advisors and had them dump massive amounts of stock based on information given to them behind closed door hearings. Tim and Luke also discuss how

The Elites Are Bailing Out the 1% at Your Expense Again

Maneco64 – March 19th, 2020 See Also: (Maneco64) – Jim Rickards Says We Are Uncomfortably Close to Ice-Nine Also: (Maneco64) – Stocks and Government Bond Prices Crash as Stimulus Backfires Also: (Maneco64) – Markets and the Covid-19 Crisis Also: (Maneco64) – The Financial Markets Could

Could This Be The Mark Of The Beast


Coronavirus Quarantine

Does the data dictate putting America in Quarantine? What’s the real death rate of Coronavirus? What will end this unprecedented lockdown? Del has two very important questions for the U.S. government, and for you. See Also: (Del Bigtree) – CORONAVIRUS: THE PHARMA PANDEMIC Has Big

COVID-1984: A Global 9/11

In this interview Spiro is joined by the host of Geopolitics and Empire who was recently censored by Youtube having his interview with Professor Francis Boyle removed regarding the coronavirus. This report exposes the current censorship campaign by the social media giants who are working

We Are Being Played

Who exactly is handling the Corona Virus Task Force in the US? I look in to the back ground of Debra Birx which leads us to PEPFAR, which leads us to Bono and Bill Gates and the swampy depths of the Frankenstein Medical Industrial Complex.

Keiser Report | From Lost Generation to Last Generation

In this episode of Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the ongoing stock market volatility and the emergency rate cuts. They ask whether or not Trump will be forced to introduce an FDR like jobs program if the pandemic continues to force social distancing measures

Engineered Collapse of America!! Trump To Announce National Quarantine!!


New World This Week

Welcome to the 401st episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

Helicopter money was meant to be a joke

Dow ends it’s streak of thousand point moves after 8 consecutive days. The unemployment claims are skyrocketing and they’re going to increase. America lost every war it ever fought. The government will not let this coronavirus crisis go to waste. CNBC brings in captains of

Viral Marketing

Using video of their Event 201 Pandemic strategy session, I show you how Global Organizations planned to dominate the messaging in the event of a global outbreak. We are living through that strategy right now. I end on a high note (I think!) See Also:

Coronavirus and Climate Change – #PropagandaWatch

It’s silent. Invisible. It’s spreading everywhere. It’s going to kill us all. We have to take extraordinary measures to combat it. Coronavirus? No, silly! CO2. But it’s not me making the comparison. Find out what the climate schemers and technocrat dreamers have in mind for

Wall St. Bailout 2.0

Another day, another couple trillion dollars in QE. Fed doing everything they can to prevent market forces from raising interest rates to a market clearing level. Sometimes stocks trade on peoples’ emotions and we’re seeing a lot of that now. Today marked the seventh consecutive

Covid-19 Lockdown

The Crowhouse with Max Igan – March 17th, 2020 See Also: (Max Igan) – Hegelian Dialectic/Problem, Reaction, Solution/A Brave New World with Max Igan

Epstein Stories You Won’t Find in the News

CORRECTIONS: There were not 2 fires. AND – that photo shows a different plane. The tail number that appears to be shared with the US State department is N474AW I go over some of the lesser known connections & history of accused child sex trafficker

Event 201 Global Pandemic

Did you know that Bill & Melinda Gates, the CIA, the World Economic Forum, Bloomber / Johns Hopkins, the UN Foundation & more ran a scenario for a Cor-na Virus Pandemic in December 2019? I have clips from that event to share with you as

“Trump’s Bubble Economy” Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux

While President Donald Trump and elements of the mainstream media describe a strong United States economy – America’s economic future has significant problems on the horizon. Peter Schiff joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the United States’s $23-plus trillion-dollar national debt, coronavirus, skyrocketing unfunded liabilities, the

Medical Martial Law

FROM 2009: Top scientists are saying that the current swine flu outbreak came from a vaccine lab, but you won’t hear that in the controlled corporate media. Nor will you hear about Bilderberg plans to use the pandemic hysteria to flex the muscles of their

Fake News! Debunking Lies You Are Being Told

We Are Change with Luke Rudkowski – March 13th, 2020 See Also: (WAC) – I Talked To A Medical Professional And Here’s What You MUST Know! Also: (WAC) – PANDEMIC! Why The US Is In Deep Trouble Also: (WAC) – Grim Reality: The US Will

Less supplies and more money paving way for inflation

Peter Schiff and Daniela Cambone discuss #gold, #bitcoin, and monetary stimulus on Kitco news. Recorded 3/11/2020 See Also: (Peter Schiff) – Coronavirus can be cured, but the damage is still done Peter Schiff and Jeffrey Tucker discuss #coronavirus #pandemic and it’s effects on the economy.

Battle Over Idlib – Pompeo Versus Trump

resident Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is driving the US closer to war with Russia over Turkey’s land grab in northern Syria. While Trump talks about removing US troops from the Middle East, Pompeo has turned his State Department into a second White House

Dollar debt bubble is bursting – Peter Schiff

Decline in demand for oil due to the coronavirus epidemic, further reinforced by the demise of the OPEC+ production cuts agreement, has crashed the US and world markets, sending traders into a panic-selling mode. The ongoing market turmoil will certainly hit the oil industry heavily,

Rick Sanchez: Japan accused of lying about radiation

High levels of radiation in the area around Fukushima, Japan have been discovered at locations intended for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Is the international sporting event in danger? RT America’s Michele Greenstein explains the lasting impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Then Kevin Kamps, radioactive

The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you’ve heard all month! Kinda.

My work now backed up on (more below) Is this truly Viral or is to do with the fact that F.I.V.E.-G? C.H.I.N.A has unleashed 60 Ghz all throughout the country with WU-HAN as the PILOT CITY. Unbelievable comparisons to symptoms ‘showing’ as a V-Irus

Did fiscal stimulus just prick the bond bubble?

Markets, bitcoin, and the dollar had a Reversal Tuesday fueled by Trump’s promise of massive artificial fiscal stimulus. Trump trying to buy a second term, but with democrats holding stimulus hostage, stimulus will come with socialist labor laws and Keynesian helicopter money. Betting markets see

Is This THE Big Event? – Questions For Corbett

As I’ve noted by now, many globalist agenda items are up for grabs as the world continues to freak out about the novel coronavirus and Covid-19. So is this the main event? Is the disease much worse than it’s being portrayed? Are reinfections after “recovery”

US, Israel waging biological warfare on massive scale

The Israel-supported group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is pressuring the big pharmaceutical companies to end their Iran business at the exact moment that Iran is the second hardest-hit country by the coronavirus pandemic after China. The group United Against Nuclear Iran has paid John

DLive Debate Tomorrow!

TOMORROW Dennis Wise & Christopher Jon Bjerknes will join me LIVE to discuss their different views on ****** and the *********!!!

Keiser Report | Painting Pandemic with Alex Schaefer

In this episode of Keiser Report from Los Angeles, Max and Stacy discuss deglobalization as supply shocks hit the world in the midst of a pandemic… even if the WHO won’t call it that. They talk about an opinion piece suggesting the Covid-19 pandemic will

Trump Ignored CoVid-19. Now Its About To Boom!

Donald Trump ignored the CoVid-19, then pushed conspiracy theories about it, and now cases of the new coronvavirus are exploding. Thom Hartmann explains! See Also: (Thom Hartmann) – The Economic Crash Of 2020 Can the Federal Reserve continue to pump money into the economy forever?

What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 3-5-20

March 5th, 2020 See Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 3-4-20 Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 3-3-20 Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 3-2-20 Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael

Patriot Act At 19 Years – Time To Pull The Plug?

***Apologies for sound issues. We had technical failure during program.*** Three provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act are set to expire on March 15th and many in Congress are scrambling to keep government surveillance of innocent Americans alive. Others are pushing for reform. We are

Multiple bubbles pricked by same pin

Another huge move down in the markets today. Heavy carnage in the banks as treasury yields plunge. Fed’s days of bubble blowing are over. Next dose of stimulus will be the overdose. Coronavirus may be the pin that pricks stock market, bond market, and bitcoin

CrossTalk | Corona Fears

The #coronavirus is a global health danger that has yet to be contained. This virus has also raised questions about the integrity of supply chains, open borders, and the weaknesses of globalization. And dangerously, this virus is being used as a political weapon. CrossTalking with

Keiser Report |Telling the Truth About Financial Pandemic

In this episode of Keiser Report from Las Vegas, Max and Stacy discuss the Secretary of State accusing Iran of covering up the truth about the coronavirus outbreak in their country. Meanwhile, JP Morgan claims they will soon access the Fed’s emergency lending facility only