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Wauwatosa Homes Attacked By Brainwashed Protesters

Another day in 2020. Another police shooting decision puts another American community on edge. This time over the shooting death of 17 year old Alvin Cole by Wauwatosa police officer Joseph Mensa back in February. See Also: (Jon Bowne) – Comey Shell Game Continues According

Revolutionary Organization in Venezuela

Our latest joint production with Tatuy TV looks at five examples of revolutionary organization in Venezuela: El Maizal Commune, Pueblo a Pueblo, the Pobladoras Movement, Tinta Violeta and the Campesino Struggle Platform. Amidst a tough crisis and a muderous blockade, these organizations (and many others)

BNT Hacked Bad Guys Soiling Themselves

Albert Bishai – October 10th, 2020 See Also: (Albert Bishai) – WHO’S READY FOR THE APOCALYPSE Also: (Albert Bishai) – ALL HELL’S ABOUT 2 BUST LOOSE Also: (Albert Bishai) – COMPLIANCE CONDITIONING Also: (Albert Bishai) – LETS ALL TAKE THE PLEDGE TO FIGHT ZIONIST RACISM

We Are Being Lied To! Here Is How…

As we approach the one year anniversary of the novel coronavirus outbreak, we find ourselves facing many unanswered questions. We find ourselves worse off in many ways, in comparison to when the outbreak just began, as we receive signals from public health officials and the

Triffin’s Paradox: Will It Lead To An Economic Collapse?

George Gammon – October 15th, 2020 See Also: (George Gammon) – Government Agenda For Digital Dollar Revealed! Is Communism Next? Also: (George Gammon) – LIVE STREAM Q&A Also: (George Gammon) – Cantillon Effect: Global Elite’s Secret END GAME Agenda Exposed! Also: (George Gammon) – Kevin

Your Guide to the Great Reset

You’ve all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda

Authoritarian Hellscape

In this video, I talk about the responsibility of the individual, discussing the quote “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty,” by using a viral video of a son being reprimanded for comforting his mother as the main example. See Also: (ReallyGraceful) – Twitter’s New

I Am A Conspiracy Theorist

If you are afraid of being called a conspiracy theorist, then those words are having their intended effect. I will not censor myself to appeal to the Normie McNormiesons of the world. Yes, sometimes I theorize about conspiracies. And guess what? So do you! Now

EX-Russian Intel Officer: Depopulation agenda is real

“They” think that you’re so medicated, flouridated and distracted with meaningless entertainment that you can’t connect the dots?!. … In this outtake, a former Colonel of the Russian Military Intelligence service states that the current Coronavirus pandemic (or lack of?) is serving 4 main purposes:

Know More News Live Feat. The Red Elephants


CDC To America: ‘Cancel Traditional Thanksgiving!’

The Centers for Disease Control have released a “helpful” set of guidelines for upcoming holidays. Celebrating Halloween or Thanksgiving as we did in the “old normal” is out of the question. Consider a “virtual” Thanksgiving, they recommend. Also today, CNN tells us there is NO

A Debate to Forget

Stock market finishes the worst September since 2011. Silver down on the month, but outperforms stock market on the quarter. Stephen Roach speculates 35% collapse in the US dollar in 2021. Paying taxes is nobody’s patriotic duty. Home appraisers aren’t racist. Democrats pissed they can’t

#YouTubeRegrets – #PropagandaWatch

Are you concerned that watching YouTube-recommended CNN propaganda has turned you into a raging imperial warmonger? Or that that MSNBC video in the sidebar harmed you with its medical misinformation? Well, the Mozilla Foundation wants to hear all about your #YouTubeRegrets.

A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”

So, it’s 2020 and you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Disorienting, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry: you are not alone. On this special edition of The Corbett Report, James Corbett welcomes all the newcomers to the reality-based community and gives them some tips and advice

How to Save the Library – Questions For Corbett

We all know the Library of Alexandria is on fire, but how do we save it. In this follow-up question & answer session after his presentation to the Justice Rising conference, James Corbett tackles questions about regulating the social media giants

Cuties and Useful Idiots

The Cabal of Global Oligarchs is losing control of the narrative they’ve kept under wraps for so long and the cover-upperers have gone berzerk in their effort to hide what they are doing. In this video I look at the latest anti-anti-human trafficking pieces from

More Subs In 3 Months On BNT Then In 3 Yrs On Utube

Albert Bishai – September 19th, 2020 See Also: (Albert Bishai) – THE FUTURE IS NOW Also: (Albert Bishai) – ISAAC KAPPY SENT ME THIS BEFORE HE DIED Also: (Albert Bishai) – FEAR & CONFUSION Also: (Albert Bishai) – CHAOS MAGIK Also: (Albert Bishai) – A

America’s Future Destroyed BY The Culture Of BLM

FBI Weasel Peter Strzok recently blurted out “I’m concerned,” Strzok told CBSN anchor Vladimir Duthiers. “The things that I have heard the attorney general say, some of the actions of the Department of Justice — unfolding or rolling back the prosecution of General [Michael] Flynn,

So You Wanna Take Down the Deep State?

This video is about the weakest link of the deep state: one unsuspecting individual who spent decades constructing his squeaky clean persona. Today we’re aiming straight for the Achilles heel of the deep state: Mitt Romney.

The Epstein Mossad Connection ft Ryan Dawson

Ryan Dawson – September 19th, 2020 See Also: (Ryan Dawson) – The Epstein Mossad Connection ft Ryan Dawson Also: (Ryan Dawson) – How not to red pill people Also: (Ryan Dawson) – 911 Clip I forgot yesterday Also: (Ryan Dawson) – 911 Debate with Ryan

The Library of Alexandria is on Fire

We all know the story of the Library of Alexandria, the vast repository of ancient texts that was burnt to the ground by Caesar in 48 B.C. While the story itself isn’t accurate, it speaks to us today as we face the digital book burnings

THE NEW WORLD ORDER, Global Slave Masters

Blackstone Intelligence Network – Jake Morphonios discusses the New World Order plan for total world domination. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Jake Morphonios 🟢 The Sinister Role of the UAE in the War in Yemen This week, President Trump hosted representatives from the United Arab

You Are The Remedy

The Crowhouse with Max Igan – September 15th, 2020 See Also: (Max Igan) – WITHDRAW YOUR SERVICE AND DISSOLVE YOUR GOVERNMENT

COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

9/11, as we were told repeatedly in the days, weeks, and months after the attack, was the day that changed everything. And now a new event has come along to once again throw the world into chaos. But whereas the post-9/11 era introduced America to

What In The World Is Happening?

Albert Bishai – September 7th, 2020 See Also: (Albert Bishai) – ACCEPT THE NEW WORLD ORDER Also: (Albert Bishai) – DEMOCRATS DOUBLING DOWN ON MARXISM Also: (Albert Bishai) – BANNED FROM FAKEBOOK

The Tangled Web of Cover Upperers

In this video I expose one of the major tools that both Corrupt State Department officials & phony ‘Fact Checkers’ use to stop the spread of news that threatens their Global Corruption Racket! Are the riots in the US linked to the same shady apparatus

Safe Haven Assets in the Age of COVID-19

Peter Schiff and Ben Swann discuss gold and bitcoin on RT America Boom Bust. Recorded September 3, 2020. See Also: (Peter Schiff) – Did the Biggest Bubble Ever Just Pop? The biggest bubble may have popped without a pin. Charts show bad omen for the

The Biggest Bubble Ever

S&P has its best August since 1986. APPL and TSLA continue soaring after splits. TSLA rains on its own parade. Zoom zooms. Loot this book. George Floyd died of a drug overdose. McDonald’s sued for treating black owners equal to white owners. Rampant wave of


Syrian Girl Partisan – August 31st, 2020 See Also: (Syrian Girl) – Erdogan’s ISIS Mercenaries in Libya Also: (Syrian Girl) – On UAE’s Normalisation with Israel and New Anti-Semitism Laws

I am not your human guinea pig!

Today we’re going to playing CONNECT THE DOTS, covering a mysterious Rockefeller Foundation document from 10 years ago, outlining the “Lockstep” plan without falling into the obvious traps laid out in regards to misinformation, then I’ll be moving on to a curious facebook post by