Biden Sending Fed Agents Door To Door To Push Vaccinations

President Biden has new plan for getting more people vaccinated… sending government employees door to door. The Administration is pretending that they are doing this to make sure that everyone who wants a v@cc can get one.. but is that really what they are doing? Or is this about making sure that everyone who doesn’t want one, still gets one?
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U.S. lawmakers are pushing new legislation that would limit the powers of Silicon Valley giants – and Big Tech doesn’t like it. So much so that Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to complain about it! Ben Swann asks Danish programmer David Heinemeier Hansson if Big Tech is too big.
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Vaccinate or Terminate: Nurses Sue After Hospital Threatens Jobs. 117 Houston Methodist employees have filed a lawsuit, claiming that the mandate is illegal. It specifically cites that the COVID-19 vaccines are authorized for emergency use by the FDA but have not been fully approved.