How YOU Can Support the USS Liberty Veterans Today!

On June 8, 1967 the Zionist state of Israel carried out a brutal attack on a US naval vessel sailing off the coast of Gaza, the USS Liberty. Israeli torpedo boats blew holes the hull while jets streamed back and forth strafing the sailors with bullets – and dropping napalm on the deck. Israel even tried to kill all the sailors in escape rafts.

By the end of the hours long attack, the USA had suffered nearly 200 casualties with 34 sailors dead.

Israel later said it was a “mistake”. The survivors of the attack were told to not speak publicly of what they had seen. Some sailors were even threatened with electroshock to intimidate them into silence.

Given the stranglehold that Zionist Israel has on America today, the story of the USS Liberty deserves to be told. And, none have fought harder to get the truth out than the survivors themselves.

I recently began talking with one of the survivors, Ron Kukal, about the USS Liberty. He is the secretary of the USS Liberty Veterans Association.

Last night during a livestream, when I saw that their YouTube channel only had 55 subscribers, I called on my viewers to show them support by subscribing to their channel. Hundreds have responded with that support. Thank-you.