Is This a New “Civil War”?

Blackstone Intelligence – The Show BEGINS at 3:04 – The discussion of the Civil War topic begins at 7:06
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In this episode I discuss the 2008 Gaza War. The presentation begins at 2:54
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Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Will the Covid19 Vaccine Be Mandatory?

President Trump is working with Big Pharma companies to “warp speed” vaccines for Covid-19 treatment. But will they be mandatory? I share some of my own thoughts.
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A new outbreak of coronavirus cases has begun in northeast China. In response, the communist government has reinstated harsh lock down measures to try to stop a new explosion of Covid19 cases.
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Covid19 is being used by Big Tech and politicians, including US President Donald Trump, to dramatically assault the privacy rights of all US citizens. What is contact tracing? Find out…

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Release the trolls!
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Book reading from Great American Trivia: MKUltra – the secret CIA mind control program.
Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Failed Coup in Venezuela Led by US Mercenaries Tied to Trump

This week, former Special Forces soldiers tried to kidnap (and possibly assassinate) the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. With backing by the CIA and funding from a cabal of shadowy billionaires, the men tried to lead a force of 300 dissidents to overthrow the government. Some of the men have close ties to Donald Trump.
Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – QAnon Trump Cultist Busted by Secret Service for Threats

Tonight, I’ll discuss the story of a delusional, Trump supporting Qanon cultist who planned to carry out a crime against Joe Biden.
Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – ChinaGate is the New RussiaGate

Remember how silly “RussiaGate” allegations by Democrats were? Get ready for the Republican version… ChinaGate! It’s just as senseless as RussiaGate, but it comes from the neocon right… so it MUST be true! But ask yourself… who feels the most threatened by China? The Western Central Bankers!

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with how they operate, that the plan is to use our politicians to whip people into a frenzy of hate toward China to justify increasing economic warfare – and, if the military industrial complex gets lucky, a brand new hot war!

Don’t let yourself fall for the propaganda of Napoleon and his pigs.

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The story of the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic – Jake Morphonios.