Israeli Newspapers BUSTED Publishing Hit Pieces by DEEP FAKE Operative

Blackstone Intelligence Network – July 15th, 2020
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Why I Won’t Vote for Donald Trump OR Joe Biden!
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Donald Trump, long-time friend / party-buddy of Jeff Epstein… introduced to Melania by Epstein at Ghislaine Maxwell’s Kit Kat Club in NYC… friends with Epstein’s pal, Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman… brought into his own administration: Bill Barr as Attorney General (Barr was working for the CIA when his father hired Epstein as a “teacher” at Dalton);

Alex Acosta as Secretary of Labor (Acosta is the crooked prosecutor who gave Epstein his first sweetheart deal in Florida by working with Epstein lawyers Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz); Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce (Ross, as a Rothschild Bank agent bailed out Trump in NJ – and was an associate of Epstein)…

Trump used Epstein’s own attorney, Dershowitz, as his personal attorney during his impeachment trial… the connections go on and on. Trump isn’t draining the swamp. Trump IS the swamp.

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The real Roger Stone…
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Justice began to finally catch up with Ghislaine Maxwell this morning as the FBI showed up at Maxwell’s mansion in New Hampshire, hidden away in the middle of a 156 acre private property. In this episode, Jake Morphonios goes through today’s stunning developments.