Jake Morphonios & Richie Allen Discuss Covert Ops in the Middle East

In this segment, I talk with host Richie Allen about Israel training foreign mercenaries in the Negev desert to fight in Yemen for Saudi Arabia. #Yemen #Israel #Morphonios
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Wars for oil have been around since before Donald Trump. But he is certainly playing his part to expand them for the New World Order. Also: (Blackstone) – President Trump Leaves Troops in Syria at Request of Israel

For the third time, President Trump has promised to withdraw all US troops from Syria. But today he announced he will leave troops at the request of Israel. Also: (Blackstone) – Turkey Kurd Conflict in Syria Explained – Part 1

Why did Turkey invade Syria to fight the Kurds? This is part 1 of 3 to discuss the history of the conflict & the background that you won’t hear from the mainstream media.