THE NEW WORLD ORDER, Global Slave Masters

Blackstone Intelligence Network – Jake Morphonios discusses the New World Order plan for total world domination.
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This week, President Trump hosted representatives from the United Arab Emirates at the White House. But is the UAE truly a friend to America? What is the nature of the secret relationship between the UAE and Israel? Jake Morphonios shares insights…
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President Trump welcomed Israel and the United Arab Emirates to the White House this week. But that was nothing to celebrate. In this video, Jake Morphonios talks about the Israeli and Emirati cyber hacking corporations NSO GROUP and DARK MATTER that are committing brazen acts of espionage & privacy hacking against the citizens of the United States – while President Trump looks on with approval.
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In a sign of things to come for America, the Daily Mail is reporting that the United Kingdom has launched OPERATION MOONSHOT – an ambitious program to test the entire population of the UK for coronavirus in less than a week and subjugate them using an Orwellian social credit tracking system.
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In this segment, Jake Morphonios teaches a lesson on the history of nationalist fever in 1930’s Weimar Germany and its disturbing parallels in today’s America.
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The level of US debt has reached such heights that it can never be paid off by the US taxpayer. Jake Morphonios shares ideas on personal preparation, as well as a retelling of the story of the Great Famine of Egypt from the Bible.