The New Zealand Christchurch Mosque Shooting / Terrorist Attack

News of the New Zealand attack broke last night during my livestream. I had just finished talking about how hatred, bigotry and stereotyping leads to violence against innocent people.

It is fair to debate the legitimacy of institutions, such as CAIR or AIPAC – or against an extremist ideology such as Wahhabism or Zionism. But it is a totally different matter to condemn entire groups of people based on their religion, race or nationality.

I condemn the horribly racist and Islamophobic statements of Jason Goodman and Laura Loomer on Crowdsource the Truth.

If either of them has a modicum of integrity, they will apologize for the terrible remarks that they made against the entire global Muslim community – and, specifically, their racist and Islamophobic attacks on two Muslim women serving in the US House of Representatives, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

The show also featured multiple antisemitic attacks against American Jews and well as slanderous lies against me personally.