The True History of ISIS – Jake Morphonios in 2014

In this video from 2014, Jake al Talibani talks about the ISIS terrorist foot soldiers being used by the CIA to carry out the agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations in Iraq & Syria. #Trump #ISIS #Baghdadi a big objective was to weaken the iraqi resistance movement that was trying to kick out the US nato alliance by giving them another enemy to fight.

I also talked about how isis was a frankenstein monster pieced together by the madmen in the intelligence networks in the usa, saudi arabia, israel, qatar and turkey.

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In the late 1990s, the Israeli Mossad was operating a high level spy ring inside Washington. To shut down the US counterintelligence operation trying to find the spies, Netanyahu threatened President Bill Clinton with sex tapes. We will discuss how Donald Trump may be in a similar position. Also: (Blackstone) – Trump Folds Again on Syria? – 500 Troops + New Battle Tanks Proposed

Early reports indicate that #Trump may reverse his decision to leave Syria. At least 500 troops would remain & dozens of battle tanks would be deployed. It is also believed that the USA will hold 2 airfields. #Syria #Trump #Oil