What Covid 19 Infection Models Are Predicting – Deep State Capitalizing on Crisis

In tonight’s livestream I will discuss the statistics provided by WHO, CDC & other virologists that are used to predict rates of new Covid 19 coronavirus infections. Also, a review of the Department of Justice requests to Congress for power to suspend constitutional rights.
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The stock market crash of 1929 eventually bottomed out after an 89% decline. The crash of 2020 is also severe. In this video, Jake talks about the history of the Great Crash of 1929.
Also: (Blackstone) – Coronavirus Testing at My Son’s Job in Hawaii / Covid-19 News

After one of my son’s coworkers tested positive as the first case of community-spread Covid-19 coronavirus in Hawaii, the company had all employees come in to be tested. But it didn’t go well.
Also: (Blackstone) – Trump Backs $1.5 Trillion Banker Spending + $1 Trillion Stimulus

After pressing the Federal Reserve to inject $1.5 trillion more dollars into the US economy last week, President Trump has now helped to push through a trillion dollar “stimulus” package. Where is all this money coming from? Is this kind of spending and indebtedness to the bankers what Trump voters intended when they sent him to Washington DC?
Also: (Blackstone) – Covid-19 Time-lapse Outside of China from Feb 19 – Mar 17th

Watch a brief time-lapse of how Covid-19 coronavirus spread throughout countries outside of China.
Also: (Blackstone) – The Truth About the Wuhan-400 #Coronavirus Prediction

There is a story circulating in social media that 4 decades ago a mystery writer named Dean Koontz predicted that a global plague called Wuhan-400 would be used as a bio-weapon in the year 2020. Is the story true? I’ve got a copy of the book. Let’s read it together and separate the truth from fiction! #coronavirus! #Covid19

Also: (Blackstone) – WV Governor Sends Boomers to Their Doom at Bob Evans – Coronavirus News

After getting off a national conference call with President Trump, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice held a press conference on #Covid19 #Coronavirus and gave his citizens some very contradictory information. Posting this video is NOT an endorsement of the nutty counsel given by the governor. On the contrary, it is my position that people should NOT go out to bars and restaurants or congregate together.

Following yesterday’s press conference in which the governor repeatedly pointed out that there are no confirmed cases in WV, today the state did confirm that a patient has Covid19 in the state.