YouTube Algorithm is PROMOTING the Alex Jones Sandy Hook Hoax Theory

Over the last 6 years, I’ve published nearly 1,800 videos on my channels. I’ve never seen this happen before. After posting a video defending the Sandy Hook families who lost children in the mass shooting, YouTube’s algorithm sent masses of “Sandy Hoaxers” (people who believe nobody died in the shooting) to the video. Hordes of extremely angry and hateful people left over 1,000 comments yelling at me for saying that I believe children died in the shooting. Some made shocking threats of physical violence against me.

Not only that, but YouTube’s algorithm caused massive fluctuations in the thumbs down ratio – raising the thumbs down by the hundreds in just a few hours and then lowering them down by hundreds – back and forth

People on both sides of the Sandy Hook issue commented on these bizarre fluctuations. I used a screen recorder to capture some of this activity.

I contacted Elaine in YouTube support and she insisted that nothing unusual was going on and that I was wrong. When I suggested sending my video evidence to the Wall Street Journal, she agreed to pass my concerns along to another team.

WATCH this video and judge for yourself. If you are a YouTube video creator, you will know that this is NOT normal.

With the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones making headline news this week – a lawsuit that was necessitated by the constant threats and violence perpetrated against them by the very same “conspiracy theorist” wingnuts who are attacking me as well, YouTube is making a mistake by actively promoting the Sandy Hook Hoax theory.