Adam Green Invited Onto Infowars! | What Questions To Ask…

Owen Shroyer wants us to ALL go on!


Will Brendon O’Connell be getting an invite? List of things Adam should ask Owen.

1. Chinese Communists taken over America. Now please explain why you wont talk about Israel and China’s close relationship?

2. Roger Stones friendship with Sheriff Israel – Florida school shooting. Stones son a cop, works with Sheriff Israel and Chabad Lubavitch.

3. Roger Stones relationship with XVIUM Cult. Charles Bronfman daughter involved – so was Roger Stone, the group sex guy.

4. Israel’s close relationship with Russia and Israel and the Belt & Road Initiative. And how this explains the goings on in the Middle East and elsewhere.

5. 5G and the iOT which Jones is terrified of is ALL being designed in Israel and manufactured in China.

6. Kushner and Ivanka and their relationship with Chabad Lubavitch.

7. Why wont infowars interview Christopher Bollyn or mention the Oded Yinon Plan?

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