America Is Finished | Soviet Active Measures Win

Brendon O’Connell – Published on February 21st, 2019
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Biggest hate speech trial – ever – and no one is interested. Rabbi on the stand, first time – ever. No one is interested.

Full audio of Rabbi Dovid FRIELICH being cross examined by me.

I am the only person to have ever cross examined a Rabbi in a court setting. Ever heard of me? Also: (Brendon O’Connell) – Call To Friends Of Palestine | Nick Everett – Commies For China

Infiltrate the Friends of Palestine. Use their structures. Their networks. Wear hidden cameras exposing their leadership diverting the ship. It is FILLED with Green Left Socialist/Communists who dont like China and Russia being exposed as having strong ties to Israel – as my phone call points out.

I call Friends Of Palestine Western Australia. I ask are they aware Israel is leading the world in high tech. I ask “Nick Everett” if he is aware that with China and Russia the official enemy of the US, you can split off the Trump Evangelicals from Israel. He had a little fit – he did not want to see China targetted. Why do you think he responded the way he did. He is happy to see Israel and the Australian government and their co-operation exposed. But not Russia and China? He is adamant. He is sticking to the prgram. Who benefits? China.

People need to INFILTRATE the Friends Of Palestine groups. Get off your asses and out of your mothers basement.