Germany Lost The War Because Of Subversion And Technology Backdooring

Nationalist Socialist Germany lost the war because of white anting and technological backdoors.

Ultra Intercepts were reaching Stalin with the German full order of battle within 12 hours. This is an unprecedented advantage. Even then, Stalin barely held on.

American troops are regularly targeted by sophisticated IED’s with links to Iran.…

How often have US troops complained it seemed “insurgents” knew their movements.

Persian “Jews” were caught in the UK attempting to procure “triggering devices” to be used in IED’s. They claimed they were forced to do it.

The US state Department is ruled by Israeli dual nationals. In the new movie “Shock & Awe”, the woman in this section of the trailer complains “Israeli’s come and go in the department without signing in and identifying themselves.”

The entire US high technology sector is “white anted” by Israeli’s who have strong Russian ethnic ties. Even the Israeli foreign minister Avigdore Lieberman is considered by many Israeli commentators to be a KGB long term plant.

The infamous “Jabu The Sniper” was widely rumored to be an Israeli special forces soldier assassinating American military personnel to cause them to lash out at Iraqi civilians. “Jabu” used a camera mounted directly onto his rifle with perfect zoom and clarity – as produced by the Israeli military.…

So called “ISIS” (Israeli Military Intelligence) ported over modern “Hollywood” editing and production techniques.…

How long will the US military tolerate Israel? How long? How long before those “bright young colonels” in the Pentagon and USMC Headquarters say enough is enough?