How Long Will Internet Viewers Tolerate Self Admitted Alt Media Horse Puckey Artists?

Just watched a video lose 500 views in one screen refresh. Boy, whats up? – – – Adam Green On Israel’s Close Relationship With China | Who Is Josephs Uncle? – – – – – –

Lets talk about arch self admitted lying idiot Gordon Duff of VT – who Jeremy Roth Kushell and others simply cannot let go. In this video Gordon Duff admits %70 of Veterans Today is garbage. He has too, Gordon claims, because he is so special and his information is so special.Yeh, right.

Remember Robert David Steel? The admitted CIA sub contractor who stated on Alex Jones the “deep state” was kidnapping children to use as sex slaves on…Mars. Yes, thats what he said.…

Why are these people tolerated? No matter how ridiculous they are – they keep making money.

These people make Alex Jones look like PBS Frontline. They should be run out of Dodge.

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